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Welcome to CFD-Wiki - a community project to create the ultimate, free Computational Fluid Dynamics reference. CFD-Wiki is written by thousands of volunteer authors from around the globe. Please join us and contribute something today! CFD-Wiki will never be better than the information we all fill it with. We are currently working on 570 articles. Also please help to spread the word about CFD-Wiki by using the tell a friend tool or linking to CFD-Wiki.


Reference section

Fluid dynamics, Turbulence modeling, Numerics, Meshing, Cavitation modeling, Non-equilibrium Flow...

Special topics

Acoustics, Combustion, Parallel computing, Turbulence,Transition to turbulence,Shape Design Optimization, ...

Application areas

Aerospace, Architecture, Automotive, Turbomachinery, Water and Wastewater...

Best practice guidelines

Automotive, Turbomachinery, Heat Transfer, ...

Validation and test cases

1D Cases, 2D Cases, 3D Cases, ...

The Open Source Section



Free codes, Commercial codes, ...

Source code archive

Educational, Code snippets, ...

History of CFD

Historical perspective, Hall of fame, Famous achievements in CFD, ...


General CFD, Ansys, CONVERGE, Fluent, Phoenics, Siemens, CFD-Wiki, ...

Featured article

X-43A (Hyper - X) Mach 7 width 300px.jpg

Baldwin-Lomax model

The Baldwin-Lomax model is a classical algebraic turbulence model which is suitable for high-speed flows with thin attached boundary-layers, typically present in aerospace and turbomachinery applications. The Baldwin-Lomax model is not suitable for cases with large separated regions and significant curvature/rotation effects... more

This article is a good example of a description of a turbulence model. Validation and test cases is the current focus area of CFD-Wiki. So don't hesitate, write something about your favourite test or validation case today!

About CFD-Wiki

About, Introduction, Help us, Goals

Getting started

Getting started, Donate texts, Donated texts, Stubs, Sandbox, Wish List

Help & resources

Help, FAQ, Community portal, Forum

Policies and guidelines

Policy, Style guide


Admins, New admins, Guide, Blacklist

Small print

Copyrights, License, Disclaimer

Project news

1 August 2006: Monthly focus area August 2006: Validation and test cases.

1 May 2006: Monthly focus area May 2006: Turbulence modeling.

20 November 2005: CFD-Wiki launched to the public.

... [old news]

"I consider it the obligation of scientists and intellectuals to ensure that their ideas are made accessible and thus useful to society instead of being mere playthings for specialists." --Bjarne Stroustrup, from "Design and Evolution of C++"

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