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Baldwin-Lomax model

The Baldwin-Lomax model is a classical algebraic turbulence model which is suitable for high-speed flows with thin attached boundary-layers, typically present in aerospace and turbomachinery applications. The Baldwin-Lomax model is not suitable for cases with large separated regions and significant curvature/rotation effects... more

This article is a good example of a description of a turbulence model. Tubulence modeling is the foucus area of CFD-Wiki in May. So don't hesitate, pick the turbulence model that you are most familar with and write something about it now!

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Combustion phenomena consist of many physical and chemical processes which exhibit a broad range of time and length scales. A mathematical description of combustion is not always trivial, although some analytical solutions exist for simple situations of laminar flame. Such analytical models are usually restricted to ... more

This article is a good example of the high quality texts that you will find in CFD-Wiki. It is an excellent introduction to anyone who wants to learn more about combustion. The article isn't finished yet, but feel free to correct and improve it yourself!ยด

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Turbulence is that state of fluid motion which is characterized by apparently random and chaotic three-dimensional vorticity. When turbulence is present, it usually dominates all other flow phenomena and results in increased energy dissipation, mixing, heat transfer, and drag... more

This excellent introduction to Turbulence, based on a text by Prof. William K. George, is a good start for any beginner in fluid dynamics.

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