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This is a list of items/articles that need work or need to be added to CFD-Wiki. Add things here that you would like to see, but either don't have time or expertise (or whatever) to do. Right now, there is not much on it, but hopefully we'll add more soon. When adding an item, explain it fully and try to gauge the difficulty of the task. Ideally, new editors will be able to choose a task that fits their interests and available time.

  • Clean up the Boussinesq eddy viscosity assumption. Do some research (and start a forum discussion) on the Boussinesq eddy viscosity assumption and figure out a good form that will work in the various articles (RANS, LES, etc.). Right now we have a couple of different forms (minus signs mainly). All are acceptable, but a single form used uniformly would be better. This is a medium-sized task.
  • Fill in the Reynolds stress model article. This article has come up several times in forum discussions, and a start has been made. This is a larger task, but a fuller article would be greatly appreciated.
  • A practical introduction to level set, marker and cell and volume of fluid methods. These are techniques for managing free surfaces in CFD. Also, fast algorithms for finding the vertex of triangles for drawing the surface are needed.
  • Write/add to introductory articles on numerical methods not currently covered in the Wiki. Examples include:
    • Lattice Boltzmann methods
    • Finite element methods
    • Spectral methods (and related methods)
  • Reorganize and finish up the turbulence article. (Note: this article is being based upon the text donated by Prof. Bill George.)
  • Add to the FAQ articles - new questions or answers (ideally both!). Questions that come up again and again in the forums should be added to the appropriate article.
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