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Country: Italy

Ph.D. Student Positions in Numerical Fluid Dynamics
Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI)
PhD Studentship
Italy, L'Aquila
Record Last Modified 14:55:28 May 22 2022, Closure Date Jun 01 2022
Read 949 times
PhD in Modeling of Multi-Phase Cryogenic Flows
University of Perugia
PhD Studentship
Italy, Perugia
Record Last Modified 19:43:59 May 10 2022, Closure Date Jun 27 2022
Read 612 times
PhD - Computational Wind Engineering
University of Bologna
PhD Studentship
Italy, Emilia Romagna, Bologna
Record Last Modified 22:03:55 May 03 2022, Closure Date Jun 09 2022
Read 1133 times
CFD Team Leader
HAAS F1 Team
Job in Industry
Italy, Maranello (Modena)
Record Last Modified 12:43:58 Jan 21 2022, Closure Date Apr 30 2022
Read 1816 times

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