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The goal of the CFD-Wiki is to create the ultimate free CFD reference. To do this we are currently working on the following sections:

  • Reference section
The intention with this section is to create a full-featured text-book on CFD. The goal is to covers basic fluid dynamics, modeling, numerics, and meshing.
  • Special topics
This goal of this section is to cover special areas of CFD which are often considered as disciplines in their own. Examples of such areas are combustion, heat-transfer, aero-acoustics, turbulence, ...
  • Application areas
This section is intended to cover the larger application areas where CFD is used, like for example aerospace, turbomachinery, automotive industry etc.
  • Best practise guidelines
These are intended to be a help for CFD engineers to quickly learn about what the state-of-the art is in terms of CFD usage in a certain area. These best-practice guides should be written be experienced engineers and should summarize how CFD should be used, what pit-falls to think of etc.
  • Validation and test cases
This section contains suitable test-cases which can be used to validate and benchmark CFD codes. The goal is also to include contributed solutions from different codes, models etc.
  • Source code archive
An archive of source-code which others can use as examples to learn from or cut-and-paste from into their own codes.
  • FAQ's
Frequently asked questions in different areas of CFD. There are also dedicated FAQ's for each discussion forum here at CFD Online.
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