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CFD-Wiki:1 May 2006

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Monthly focus area May 2006: Turbulence modeling

Starting this month CFD-Wiki will select a certain focus area each month. The purpose of this is to get as many authors as possible engaged to work together on a common subject each month. In May CFD-Wiki's focus area is turbulence modeling. If we all join forces CFD-Wiki could have a really good turbulence modeling section by the end of this month. Most of us have missed a good and complete reference on turbulence modeling which is available freely online. Now we can create it if we all do our share of the work.

The turbulence modeling section can be found here: Turbulence modeling

For a few suggestions on things that could be done see: Focus area May 2006: Turbulence modeling

If you need any help or just want to discuss with other CFD-Wikians please post a message on the CFD-Wiki forum.

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