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This is a collection of links to CFD Resources Online. Version 1 of this document was announced in 1994. It all started as a hobby project to collect links to CFD sites on the net. Back in 1994, four years before Google was launched, the coolest thing you could have on the web was an extensive link collection. This was the good old days, the days when a PhD student could start to collect links and launch sites like and (it would have been smarter to focus on something other than CFD ;-)

Gradually version 1 of "CFD Resources Online" became quite popular, with about 800 requests per week . Version 2 was announced in September 1995. This was a major revision. The document had been split into many smaller sections, and it also now allowed people to add links themselves in several sections.

Version 3 of CFD Resources Online was announced in May 2005. Version 3 had a completely new front-page structure and more than 100 new links.

In 2010 this section was streamlined to be more of a collection of selected and annotated CFD links. All user-contributed parts were discontinued. The problem with spam had now grown so big that it had become impossible to allow direct user contributions. The homepage link collection to companies and universities was also removed. With more than 1,000 linked homepages it was an impossible task to keep this section up-to-date. Besides, Google has now become so good that a complete link list is not needed any more.

In 2012 the links section got a well needed update and many new links were added. We also switched from a version control system with very long release times to an instant update system with a What's New list to help people identify updates.


CFD Online is only responsible for the documents on this server, not for any of the external references. All opinions expressed are personal opinions.


Please tell us what you think about this collection of links. We appreciate any comments or suggestions on things that should be added. It is always nice to get some feedback and not only strange connections from someone.far.away.sirius_b
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