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Country: France

Development of an adaptive Hybrid RANS/LES methodology
University of Pau-CNRS, applied mathematics department
PostDoc Position
France, Pau
Record Last Modified 15:37:35 Jul 20 2021, Closure Date Sep 30 2021
Read 439 times
Post-doc : URANS and hybrid RANS/LES approaches for cavity flow
CNRS/university of Pau/Inria
PostDoc Position
France, Pau
Record Last Modified 12:51:27 Jul 20 2021, Closure Date Aug 31 2021
Read 318 times
Melt pool modelling in Additive Manufacturing
CEA System and Structures Modeling Department
PostDoc Position
France, Saclay
Record Last Modified 17:50:07 Jul 13 2021, Closure Date Aug 31 2021
Read 516 times
Climate change and extreme heat waves in an urbanized valley
University Grenoble Alpes, LEGI laboratory
PhD Studentship
France, Grenoble
Record Last Modified 18:35:43 Jul 05 2021, Closure Date Jul 16 2021
Read 794 times
High-fidelity simulation of internal flow in a fluidic actuator
DynFluid Lab (Arts et metiers Institute of Technology Paris)
PostDoc Position
France, Paris
Record Last Modified 11:51:41 Jun 17 2021, Closure Date Sep 30 2021
Read 733 times
Advanced Immersed boundary Method (IBM) tools for the analysis
Institut Pprime / RTech
PostDoc Position
France, Verniolle
Record Last Modified 18:05:14 Jun 10 2021, Closure Date Sep 01 2021
Read 1012 times
Physics-Informed Deep Learning for complex flows
Ecole Nationale Superieur des Arts et Metiers (ENSAM-ParsiTech)
PhD Studentship
France, Lille/Paris
Record Last Modified 21:14:51 May 26 2021, Closure Date Jun 10 2021
Read 1379 times
Multi-scale analysis of a low pressure two-phase flow
PostDoc Position
France, Aix en Provence
Record Last Modified 15:44:21 May 17 2021, Closure Date Oct 31 2021
Read 1119 times
Investigation of Single-Droplet Breakup through a gas flow
ISAT, DRIVE Lab, Burgundy University
PhD Studentship
France, NEVERS
Record Last Modified 11:18:58 May 03 2021, Closure Date Jun 15 2021
Read 1219 times
Organ in silico to control organ-on-chip
CNRS & Universite de Technologie de Compiegne
PostDoc Position
France, Compiegne
Record Last Modified 14:49:32 May 02 2021, Closure Date Jun 14 2021
Read 977 times
Fuel injection in Gas Turbine
PostDoc Position
France, --Select state--, St Etienne du Rouvray
Record Last Modified 15:35:39 Apr 27 2021, Closure Date Sep 30 2021
Read 1196 times
High-fidelity simulation of supersonic air intakes
Job in Industry
Record Last Modified 17:44:57 Apr 08 2021, Closure Date Jul 01 2021
Read 1717 times
Accelerating flow Simulation by deep learning (AI)
PhD Studentship
France, OCCITANIE, toulouse
Record Last Modified 22:21:03 Mar 29 2021, Closure Date Not Specified
Read 1922 times

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