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Putting it all together

I have downloaded the majority of the open source CFD simulation packages that are listed on this wiki. I also have gmsh and vtk. I note that blender and other 3D modelling packages (like anim8or) are able to generate STL files and mesh files, which can be used with gmsh. Then, for the likes of OpenFVM, there seems to be par files (parameters), geo files, mtl (materials), msh (mesh, a list of points), etc. I do not know how to put this all together. Let's say that I start with a 3D model in blender representing an airplane. What then do I do? I think I'd have to convert it to msh format, then have a cfd program run a simulation, but how do I define this simulation? It looks like Salmone or OpenFOAM allow python scripts to be written to detail the simulation ... maybe. And then what? After that, do I get back some heat maps that tell me how much lift and drag I have, can I do simulations as to the direction of the path of travel and so on? email:, AIM/YIM/IRC(freenode): kanzure. -- Kanzure 12:08, 3 March 2008 (MST)

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