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Azore is a commercial CFD solver and suite from Azore Software, LLC of Livonia, Michigan, USA. The solver is utilizes the control volume method for discretization of the mesh topology. Traditional mesh topologies, as well as arbitrary polyhedral mesh topologies, are acceptable inputs to the Azore solver. A graphical user interface (GUI) is provided for preparation of simulation input and post processing of simulation results. Azore is fully parallel for HPC use. Azore is a cross platform application offering a distribution for Windows® , MacOS® , and Linux®.

The solver is capable of 2D or 3D flow applications with conjugate heat transfer. Specific capabilities include:

   Incompressible fluid treatment
   Steady state
   Continuity/Momentum coupling
   Support for the solution of the energy equation
   Support for species transport with an unlimited number of species
   Standard K-epsilon with standard wall function treatment
   Variable fluid properties (density, Cp, viscosity)
   Thin surface porous resistance
   Volumetric porous resistance
   Multiple reference frame support for rotating machinery
   Thin surface heat transfer

Mesh import from many different commercial and open source meshing tools is available including:

   ANSYS® Fluent® (also case files)
   ANSYS® Meshing™

Cloud CFD

Azore Software, LLC has partnered with Sabalcore of Melbourne, FL to offer the ability to run CFD from any platform on the high speed Linux cluster at Sabalcore. Azore over the cloud can provide fast solutions for customers without extreme investment in hardware.

How it works:

   Create the mesh with your current software or use Trelis™ on the Sabalcore network.
   Access pre-installed Azore software from Sabalcore. Set up boundary conditions with the Azore GUI.
   Pay-as-you go for the Azore solver license and compute node core-hours.
   Post process results with the Azore GUI and generate plots/reports of your results.

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