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CFD Jobs Database - Testimonials

Here are a few examples of feedback from employers that have used the CFD Jobs Database to advertise open positions.

"I want to thank you for your service, on behalf of the company, and the CFD community. Over the course of the 15 months it took to fill the position, I received over 120 replies. And we actually ended up hiring two people that replied to the ad. One for the position posted, and one who applied for it, but was much better qualified for another position we had available."

-- Mark Gogins, Principal Engineer, Donaldson Company Inc.

"Of the four internet sites I placed ads at, yours, by far, had the greatest response. I think that your unique and diverse site is a great asset to the CFD community and hope it continues to grow and expand."

-- Tom Marinaccio, Manager, CFD Services Group, adapco

"CFD Online attracts a crowd of CFD specialists, so posting a CFD job here is really a no-brainer. We used the job board back in 2011 and received several highly relevant applications. We rapidly hired one of the applicants who became a top contributor of the simulation team."

-- Jean-Baptiste Leydet, Global Numerical Methods Director, TitanX Engine Cooling

"I just wanted to let you know that the response we got from our posting on your web site was outstanding! 55 applicants, of which we are now interviewing the best 8. I would not hesitate recommending your site to anyone looking for someone in CFD."

-- Nuno Simoes, Analysis Manager, Multimatic Technical Centre Europe

"We were having trouble finding prospects for a senior CFD position here at PADT and we posted on CFD Online and got some great resumes that were of a much higher caliber than what we were getting from more traditional postings."

-- Eric Miller, Principal, Simulation & Business Technologies, Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies

"Response has been tremendous. Approximately 50 qualified candidates responded. We found just who we needed. Thank you for the support and the service."

-- Fredrick M. Perkins, Supervisor, Gasdynamics, Thiokol Corp.

"... we hired a candidate from your site. The response to the ad was incredible."

-- John Lytch, HR Specialist Gas Turbine Technology, GE Power Systems

"We placed an advert for a CFD Simulation Engineer ... had a very effective response, and would definitely recommend the site to others. "

--Dr Nigel McKinley, Mercedes Benz High Performance Engines

"We have successfully filled our position, thanks to this wonderful resource. It was the best source by far that we have found in this area of expertise."

-- Kathy Natelborg, General Dynamics - Advanced Information Systems

"Just wanted to give you some feedback about the CFD Jobs Database. This is the second time I used it to look for a post-doc. This time I got around 55 applicants. About half of these are seriously worth considering. I am confident that I will find a first rate post-doc, as I did the previous round. The database is clearly the best way to go about recruiting CFD people - It works."

-- Steven B. Beale, Senior Research Officer, National Research Council, Canada

"I received about 4 responses a day from this posting. All of these applicants had excellent qualifications. This was much more successful than a newspaper ad."

-- Anne Jenner, Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc.

"Thanks for providing this service - we had a very good response from the ad's and will certainly use the board next time we're recruiting."

-- Steve Addison, Manager (Western Region), Flomerics Inc.

"I want to commend you on the CFD Jobs Database. We have received excellent applications from around the world, so we are very pleased with your services and its reach."

-- Kathleen Smith-Meadows, Recruitment Manager, Washington State University

"We have now recruited to our advertised posts and can confirm that a very significant proportion of our applicants saw the advert on CFD Online. Thank you very much for the service. "

-- Dr. Graham Copeland, University of Strathclyde

".. we got many responses. CFD Online certainly increased our exposure, particularly to the international community."

-- Eric G. Paterson, The University of Iowa

"I am happy to say that all of the available positions have been filled and I really appreciate this excellent service that you provide."

-- Chris J. Lawrence, Senior Lecturer, Chemical Engineering, Imperial College

"I am pleased to say that we have just successfully recruited someone from your service and would like to place another advert if possible."

-- Simon Weston, Manager, Icon Computer Graphics Ltd

"It worked very well. The position is now fulfilled thanks to CFD Online!"

-- Christelle Debeer, Communication Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors at von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics

"We have been successful in filling the subject position with the help of the CFD Jobs Database... Thanks for your help. You are providing an important service for those seeking employment in a very specialized field."

-- Larry Sobol, CASE Corp.

"We have been bombarded with candidates. I can hardly believe all of the excellent candidates that have submitted their resumes!"

-- Laurie Kastor, Quantum Corporation

"A note to say thanks for the CFD Jobs Database. I first saw it in April and for three months I checked in every work day. Thanks to the database I now have a new position that is a great match with my background. "

-- Wade Miner, Newport News Shipbuilding

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