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Job Record #19108
TitleAI Engineer
CategoryJob in Industry
EmployerSimerics, Inc.
LocationUnited States, Washington, Bellevue
InternationalNo, only national applications will be considered
Closure Date* None *
Simerics Inc. is a global technology company that develops, markets, and 
supports Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software widely used by OEMs and 
suppliers in various industries all over the world, with applications in 
automotive, hydraulics, marine, and aerospace. The Simerics team is comprised of 
scientists and engineers who have been among the pioneers in the development and 
application of multipurpose computational physics since the early 1980s. This 
knowledge and experience are combined with new advances in computational 
physics, computational geometry, and software engineering to provide our clients 
with the next generation of simulation tools. Our team members are smart, 
motivated, friendly, and interesting people, most of whom hold a Ph.D.

Simerics Inc. offers two state-of-art general-purpose CFD tools: Simerics-MP and 
Simerics-MP+. Simerics-MP features a parallel solver that yields accurate and 
fast simulation for multi-purpose (MP) applications involving single-phase or 
multiphase flow, turbulence, cavitation/aeration, heat, and mass transfer, 
particle and fluid-structure interaction. Simerics-MP+ includes all the 
capabilities of Simerics-MP with additional features such as streamlined setup 
procedures, and automated mesh/re-mesh for moving components. 

With our continued expansion in the industry, we are seeking applications for an 
AI Engineer who will work on implementing the companies’ generative AI 
developments under the guidance of the development team.

•	Use Python to implement generative AI solutions for Simerics-MP+
•	Keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of generative AI
•	Identify the most promising approaches and update according to the 
evolution of the field
•	Develop a strong understanding for a variety of CFD applications such as 
pumps, valves, vehicles, marine etc…
•	Develop proposals for future work
•	Collaborate with project and sales engineers to incorporate inputs into 
the solution

Required qualifications:
•	A Bachelors degree in engineering, mathematics, physics, or a similar 
•	Background and coursework in fluids/thermal field.
•	Excellent and demonstrable command of Python. 
•	Exposure to advanced engineering simulation tools.

Not required, but beneficial:
•	Exposure to performing development using generative AI will be a major 
plus: LLMs, fine-tuning, retrieval augmented generation (RAG) etc…
•	Masters degree in engineering, mathematics or physics with 
fluids/thermal emphasis.
•	Prior experience performing software development using Python.
•	Knowledge of machine learning and specifically, deep learning.

Salary and Benefits:
• We sponsor H1-B working visa, but only the candidates in the US will be 
considered at this time. 
• Family general, dental and vision insurance.
• Bonus based on performance.
• 401-K match.

If interested, please send your resume to Dr. Sujan Dhar, at

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Last Modified15:02:56, Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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