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Job Record #18207
Title2 Tenure-Track Faculty CFD Positions: Hypersonics & UAM
CategoryJob in Academia
EmployerUniversity of Central Florida
LocationUnited States, Florida, Orlando
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateSaturday, July 01, 2023
University of Central Florida (Orlando Florida, USA) is hiring nearly 30 tenure-
track related to all fields of engineering starting Aug 2023. Lower estimates of 
the number of positions are as follows:
•	Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: >5
•	Industrial Engineering: >3
•	Electrical Engineering: >4
•	Computer Engineering: >5
•	Computer Science:>4
•	Material Science and Engineering: >2 
•	Modeling and Simulation: >1
These positions are in key technologies outlined in the postings below (with 
links to more details in the positions.)
More information on UCF can be found here:

Two are CFD positions and an overview of the positions is as follows:
(1) Computational Fluid Dynamics: Hypersonic and supersonic reacting and 
aerodynamic compressible flows (Tenure home: Department of Mechanical and 
Aerospace Engineering).

(2) Computational Fluid Dynamics: Computational flow/thermal/structural for 
Urban Air Mobility and Space Transport (Tenure home: Department of Mechanical 
and Aerospace Engineering).

The URL to these positions is found in the posting and the application can be 
submitted there. 

Below is a listing of the remaining positions (some can bring CFD-based 

Multiple Hires (all ranks) in Digital Twin (Mechanical and Aerospace, Industrial 
Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering)
Modeling and Simulation, Systems of systems, High Performance Computing, Human 
Digital Twin (AI/ML applications), Software/hardware system integration/system 
design, including immersive display and interaction systems, 
IOT/sensors/communications and controls -- emerging new control applications 
based on the advances of ubiquitous sensing, computation, and communication 
systems, Data structures, standards, network management, Health, human 
performance, and kinesiology. Digital Twin applications in Smart Cities 
including civil engineering infrastructure and transportation system, energy, 
environment, etc., DT and education, DT applications of all areas in 
Engineering, humanities, medicine, STEM, and others

Multiple hires (all ranks) in Artificial Intelligence Initiative focusing on 
multidisciplinary applications (all engineering departments)
Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Machine Learning, Data 
Analytics, FinTech, Smart Cities, Connected and Automated Vehicles, Cyber 
Security, Mathematical Aspects of Deep Learning, Theory of AI and Data Science, 
Brian-Inspired AI, Biomedical Applications, Smart Materials, Smart Mobility, 
Genomics and Computational Biology and more.

(2) Tenure Track Positions in Materials Science and Engineering
-	Theoretical discovery of emerging semiconductor materials 
-	Growth, characterization, and metrology of new semiconductor and quantum 

(3) Tenure-track positions associated with Decarbonizing Energy 
-	Rotordynamics and Vibrations (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
-	Energy Modeling and Simulation (School of Modeling and Simulation)
-	Thermomechanical Energy Storage (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

(3) Tenure-track positions associated with Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
-	Power and Propulsion with Relation to Space Sciences 
-	CFD related to Aerospace and Urban Air Mobility 
-	CFD related to Hypersonics

(3) Tenure-Track positions in Electrical Engineering 
-	Wide bandgap and high-power devices and circuits
-	Beyond-CMOS devices and systems 
-	Radiation-hardened devices, systems and technologies, harsh-environment 
sensors and systems with potential applications to space

(2) Tenure-Track positions in Computer Engineering 
-	Digital physical design and CAD for VLSI, and/or deeply-scaled CMOS 
digital physical design, optimization, and layout/tapeout
-	Computing and cyber-physical systems and devices for space

(1) Tenure-Track position in Industrial Engineering 
-	Artificial intelligence related to UCF’s Infectious Disease and Travel 
Health Initiative.

(2) Open rank positions in Hardware Security and Cyber Security and Privacy 
Hardware security and cyber security and privacy pertaining to 
hardware/chipmaking supply chain security  (e.g., physically unclonable function 
(PUF) devices, hardware trojan, logic locking, physical side channels, hardware 
side-channel attack prevention, memory protection, post-quantum encryption 
hardware, secure data path design, and threat mitigation circuits, etc.

(3) Tenure-Track positions in Cyber Security and Privacy Areas (Computer Science 
or Mathematics)
-	Area A (Math): Cryptography, applied cryptography, and intersection of 
algorithm and cryptography (e.g., quantum cryptography, post-quantum crypto, 
etc.). One faculty position is anticipated for this area.  
-	Area B (Computer Science): Cloud, Edge, and IoT security (e.g., 
serverless computing, container security, etc.), system software, software 
supply chain security, and the security of Cyber Physical System, etc. Two 
faculty positions are anticipated for this area.

(2) Tenure-Track positions in Resilient, Intelligent, and Sustainable Energy 
Systems (RISES) and Electrical and Computer Engineering
-	Reliable DERs for Grid Integration:
-	Resilience of Energy Systems:

Contact Information:
Please mention the CFD Jobs Database, record #18207 when responding to this ad.
NameDr. Jay Kapat for 2 CFD positions (for others, see links)
Email ApplicationNo
Record Data:
Last Modified11:46:51, Saturday, December 24, 2022

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