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Job Record #17181
TitleAdvanced Immersed boundary Method (IBM) tools for the analysis
CategoryPostDoc Position
EmployerInstitut Pprime / RTech
LocationFrance, Verniolle
InternationalNo, only national applications will be considered
Closure DateWednesday, September 01, 2021
The present research work aims for improving the analysis of complex flow 
configurations which are observed for space launchers and space vehicles 
using numerical tools. For these flows, the accurate prediction of several 
aspects such as shock waves, heat transfer, turbulence and surface 
deterioration are crucial because of the emergence of strong non-linear 
interactions. Owing to the high Reynolds number of such flows and the 
geometric complexity investigated, direct calculation of all dynamic scales 
of the flow cannot be achieved with present computational means and the 
development of efficient modelling strategies is the only practical option 
available. In addition, taking into account the movement of the immersed 
body using classical body-fitted approaches may result in prohibitive 
computational resources. This project targets improvement in the analysis of 
the physical objectives previously presented via the advancement of the 
library CYCLONE developed by the industrial partner R.Tech, which will be 
enhanced including physical models developed at Pprime Institute. The 
library CYCLONE allows for the representation of immersed bodies using the 
immersed boundary method (IBM)[1-3]. The IBM is a well-known technique used 
to model the presence of the immersed body inside the flow. One of the main 
advantages of this family of tools is that they rely on simplified / 
cartesian meshes, which allow to minimize the numerical error associated 
with highly deformed mesh elements usually produced by body-fitted 
procedures around complex geometries. A second advantage is that the flow 
representation and body movement can be accounted for with very limited 
increase in computational resources.
Objectives: the work of the candidate will aim for the development of three 
synergic tasks, which are listed in the following:
1. Implementation of an interface allowing to perform an optimized 
connection between the library CYCLONE and the opensource code OpenFOAM [4].
2. Development of several physical models within the library, which aim to 
improve the accuracy of the near-wall prediction of the flow. These models 
will mainly act as wall functions for the representation of wall turbulence 
with heat transfer, to be integrated in the IBM formalism.
3. Validation of the models developed with application to test cases of 
increasing complexity.
Duration of the contract and start date: the proposed contract is for a 
duration of 24 months with a scheduled start date for September-October 
2021. Some flexibility for the latter can be granted depending on the 
availability of the candidate.

1. A. Pinelli, I. Naqavi, U. Piomelli et J. Favier, «Immersed Boundary 
Method for generalised Finite Volume and finite Difference Navier-Stokes 
Solvers.,» Journal of Computational Physics, vol. 229, pp. 9073-9091, 2010.
2. E. Constant, J. Favier, M. Meldi, P. Meliga et E. Serre, «An immersed 
boundary method in OpenFOAM : Verification and validation,» Computers & 
Fluids, vol. 157, pp. 55-72, 2017.
3. H. Riahi, M. Meldi, J. Favier, E. Serre et E. Goncalves, «A pressure-
corrected Immersed Boundary Method for the numerical simulation of 
compressible flows,» Journal of Computational Physics, vol. 374, pp. 361-
383, 2018.
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NameMarcello Meldi
Email ApplicationYes
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Last Modified18:05:14, Thursday, June 10, 2021

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