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Job Record #16598
TitleAugmented reality for forensics
CategoryContract Work
LocationUnited States, Iowa, ames
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure Date* None *
Sought is an agile and skilled 
developer to write software, which 
performs the following:

a)	3D crime scene scanning 
(acquisition of positions and shape of 
bloodstains in an outdoor environment). 
This could be done with tools from 
Occipital or from assembly and still 
b)	interfacing with existing 
Matlab routines (where the crime scene 
reconstruction takes place). The 
routines are described in a peer-
reviewed paper 
available in
c)	3D rendering of crime scene 
reconstruction (b), in the environment 
acquired in (a)

Target delivery: December 11, 2020

Preferred are robust, open-source 

Applicants should provide a CV and a 
statement about why they should be 
for the job, 180 word maximum. 
We will consider that developer co-
authors related peer-reviewed 

Struo is a US-based scientific 
consultancy. Struo provides quality and 
innovative solutions for your 
scientific or case-related goals.   You 
will interact with founder and 
owner of Struo, Dr. Daniel Attinger. He 
is an academic and engineer. His 
scholarship is in fluid dynamics and 
heat transfer. He has produced 4 
patents, 100 peer-reviewed scientific 
publications, and given dozens of 
invited lectures at international 
conferences. Attinger has led multiple 
research projects funded by US Federal 
Research Agencies. Awards he received 
include the ETH Zurich medal for 
outstanding Ph.D. thesis and a 
“Professor of the Year” teaching award 
from the senior students of mechanical 
engineering at Iowa State University. 
Several of the former graduate students 
he trained are 
now tenured professors in research 
universities worldwide. Attinger is a 
of the American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers, and a full member of IABPA, 
International Association of Bloodstain 
Pattern Analysts. Dr. Attinger writes 
opinions on Linkedin. His multi-faceted 
work has been reported by Popular 
Science,, FoodAndWine, New 
Scientist, Gizmodo, Maxim and 
His work on the topic of Bloodstain 
Pattern Analysis is highly cited.   
“struo”, the Latin verb meaning “I 
construct”, is a wink about crime scene 
reconstruction and research design. 
Romans may have pronounced it like the 
British say ‘straw’. Attinger says we 
may never know for sure.
Contact Information:
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NameDaniel Attinger
Email ApplicationYes
Record Data:
Last Modified22:26:08, Saturday, May 23, 2020

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