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Job Record #16536
TitleBubble trajectories in liquid flow through a rotating geometry
CategoryPostDoc Position
LocationFrance, Lyon area, SOLAIZE
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure Date* None *
Based on IFPEN previous work and publications from literature (e.g. Auton et 
al., 1988), the post-doctoral researcher will apply the Euler-Lagrange method 
to the Crocco’s equation usually used in a turbomachine.

The interaction between the two phases involves inertial forces as well as 
contact forces, such as drag and lift forces, virtual mass force or 
turbulence-induced forces, especially when the gas-liquid mixture is dense.
For a complex geometry rotating around a fixed axis, the usual force balance 
is deeply modified, with a strong impact on the particle motion. The four 
additional forces appearing in such a case are: the force due to the channel 
radial and axial curvatures; the centrifugal force; and the Coriolis force.
We propose to study this new force equilibrium. The post-doctoral researcher 
will work toward modelling and predicting the motion of a single particle, 
flowing with liquid through a rotating helico-semi-radial channel. 

The problem can be split along the meridional and the cylindrical surface. The 
researcher will suggest a processing method to solve the projected equation 
along a mean curvilinear line on each surface through the channel. Using a C++ 
code he will assess each force magnitude and the forces balance along the 
curves. He will compare his results with the literature (e. g. Minemura and 
Al, 2011, Zhu and Zhang, 2016). The many length scales appearing in the 
problem require a rigorous understanding of liquid-particle interactions.
Then, the researcher will extend the method to a 2x2D approach, taking the two 
surfaces into account. This makes the equations more tightly coupled. His work 
will enable to predict the particle motion on each surface. Once the code 
validated with simple cases, he will propose and perform tests aiming at 
studying the impact of main parameters: particle density, diameter, channel 
rotational speed, curvatures radius or phase velocities. Finally he will 
extend his work to a set of particles (Brennen, 2005), and will build meta-
models to facilitate the further use of the parametric study results.

We are looking for a skilled modeller in fluid mechanics, who knows C++ 
language. Experience in two-phase flows and or turbomachinery would be an 

Contact Information:
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NameMarine Dupoiron
Email ApplicationYes
AddressRond-point de l'échangeur de Solaize
Record Data:
Last Modified10:17:41, Tuesday, April 07, 2020

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