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Job Record #16089
TitleMeasurement optimization for flow reconstruction
CategoryPostDoc Position
LocationFrance, Meudon
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateThursday, December 31, 2020
Experimental fluid dynamics is by essence the most appropriate way of
investigating real-world flows for both academic and industrial purposes, and
allows to study the behavior of fluids in complex geometries and can provide
useful information for aeronautic design. However, measurements from experiments
are usually sparse in space and/or time and do not provide a full description of
the flow. In order to overcome this limitation, data assimilation techniques are
more and more employed to merge experimental measurements with numerical
simulation, allowing to extrapolate the measurements, denoise them and improve
their resolution. 

If measurements are very limited, as in the case where only the friction and/or
pressure distribution on wall boundaries is available, the data assimilation
procedure might fail in accurately extrapolating the considered flow, so that
the results of the data assimilation procedure differ significantly from the
true flow state outside measurement locations. In this case, it may be helpful
to quantify the errors/uncertainties in the reconstructed flow, without having
access to the whole true state. Once the limitations of the data assimilation
procedure have been delineated, one may want to overcome the latter and optimize
the measurement process in order to get the most pertinent information about the
flow and improve the reconstruction capacities of data assimilation. 

The first main objective of this postdoctoral project is to rigorously assess
the possibilities of mean flow reconstruction through adjoint-based data
assimilation from pressure and/or friction distribution measurements over wall
boundaries, which is representative of many wind tunnel experiments. Various
scenarios will be investigated by varying the type of input parameters that are
adjusted through data assimilation. In a second step, locations of
pressure/friction sensors will be optimized in order to enhance the performances
of the data assimilation procedure. The developed methodologies should help the
design of future wind tunnel experiments to better take advantage of the
reconstruction and extrapolation capacities of data assimilation. Both the
diagnostic and optimization of the measurement process steps will be tackled
through the development of adjoint-based techniques in conjunction with an
in-house ONERA code. Flows over airfoils will be considered as flow
configurations, first in 2D then 3D setups.

Duration: from 12 to 18 months

Net salary: 25kEuros per year

Profile of the candidate: PhD in fluid dynamics or applied mathematics, skills
in numerical simulation for fluid mechanics applications and/or in optimization

Contact Information:
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NameVincent Mons
Email ApplicationYes
8 rue des Vertugadins
92190, Meudon
Record Data:
Last Modified16:12:10, Monday, November 02, 2020

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