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CFD Jobs Database - Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

2. Why are jobs with old closure dates still in the database?
When the closure date is passed an email notification is sent to the employer. The record is then kept in the database for one month more. This is to give the employer a chance to update the job offer in case no suitable candidates were found. It also gives people a chance to apply late.

3. I can edit all job records - this seems dangerous!
You can edit them, but without the correct password you can't save or delete anything.

Questions about Posting a Job

1. I've forgot the password, what do I do?
Send an email to and state your case.

2. How do I edit or delete a job ?
Find the full job record - at the bottom of that page there are two form-buttons marked "Edit Record" and "Delete Record". Click on the desired button. You also have to enter the correct password to be able to save or delete the record. The password was given the first time the job was submitted to the database. If you don't have the password, but feel that the job record should be modified or removed please send an email to

3. I would like to post a permanent job offer, can I do that?
Yes, just set the Closure Date to * None *. See also question 4. below.

4. How long can a job remain in the database?
You will receive an email notification when the record hasn't been modified for three months. You then have one month to review the job offer, make sure that everything is still valid and re-save the record. If you haven't re-saved the record after one month it will be removed. This is to ensure that all job offers are up to date.

5. Who can edit or delete jobs?
Anyone who knows (or guesses) the correct password. The database administrator ( can also manually delete or modify all records.
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