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CFD & VIV Symposium, OMAE 2006 Conference
Addresses the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis in offshore applications, e.g. flow around bluff bodies at high Reynolds numbers, guidelines for turbulence modeling; benchmarking and validation of analysis tools; green water effects on FPSOs; roll damping; field data for validation and calibration of CFD with design tools, etc. The symposium also includes non- CFD issues related to VIV analysis and design methods and experimental data on VIV.
Date: June 4, 2006 - June 9, 2006
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Application Areas: Maritime, Offshore and Ship Hydrodynamics
Special Fields: Turbulence Modeling, Turbulence - LES Methods, Finite Element Methods, Finite Volume Methods, Boundary Element Methods, Vortex Element Methods, Visualization and Post-Processing, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Free-Surface & Sub-Surface Flows, Moving Boundary Problems, CAD/CFD Integration
Deadlines: November 16, 2005 (abstract), April 12, 2006 (registration)
Type of Event: Conference, International

Authors and presenters are invited to participate in this 
event to expand international cooperation, understanding 
and promotion of efforts and disciplines in the area of 
CFD and VIV Symposium. Dissemination of knowledge by 
presenting research results, new developments, and novel 
concepts in CFD and VIV Symposium will serve as the 
foundation upon which the conference program of this area 
will be developed. 
Event record first posted on November 11, 2005, last modified on November 11, 2005

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