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EPSRC Summer School in Industrial CFD
Date: June 20, 2005
Location: School of Civil Engineering, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, Notts., United Kingdom
Contact Email:
Organizer: University of Nottingham
Application Areas: Fire and Safety, Automotive, Process Industry, Aerospace, Environmental, Architecture and Wind-Loading, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, Biomedical & Pharmaceutical, General CFD, Hydraulics
Special Fields: Turbulence - LES Methods, Combustion, Finite Element Methods, Finite Volume Methods, Boundary Element Methods, Reactive Flows, Multiphase Flows, Aerodynamics, Radiation, Fluid Mechancis
Type of Event: Course, International

The University of Nottingham has identified CFD as a key area. The courses therefore benefit form the experience of the staff involved in multiple numerical and fluid mechanics courses at graduate and post-graduate levels. The organisers are also running regular seminars and evening lectures on various CFD topics and applications. Recent speakers include representatives from ANSYS-CFX, CD Adapco, Rolls Royce, HSE, Corus, MMI Engineering as well as numerous academics. This experience was recognised by EPSRC, supporter of the summer school.

The objective of the proposed summer school is to address the needs identified in the EPSRC call for summer schools on “Mathematics for Engineers” through the provision of a novel Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) course. This course will provide understanding of the mathematical foundation, Week 1, and focus on a detailed overview of the physical models necessary for research in Chemical, Civil and Environmental and Mechanical Engineering amongst other fields of engineering and science, Week 2. The course will prepare future users of CFD to make the best possible usage of the available technology through an emphasis on fluid mechanics and potential applications.

Week1, including accomodation (full board) will cost £750+VAT for full time registered students. Week 2 will be available on a day basis (one specialist option a day) at £150+VAT per day for full time registered students. Please note that EPSRC Students are eligible for a 30% discount. The course is also open to professionals. Please consult us.

Week 1 (20-24 June, 2005):

The aim of the first week is to introduce the students to mathematical mechanics in the first day, which will be followed by an overview of numerical solution techniques used in contemporary CFD over the next two days. Day 4 will introduce basic physical models and visualisation techniques. Day 5 will discuss result interpretation before closing on trust and quality issues in numerical predictions. Students are expected to attend the full week.

Week 2 (27-29 June, 2005):

Week 2 aims to present advanced CFD topics and their associated mathematical models. Each day is planned to be a separate entity and students will choose one of two options each day. These will be run simultaneously over two days. Four advanced topics will be offered:

  • Advanced Turbulence (advanced RANS models, LES, DNS)
  • Multiphase Physics and Models (Eulerian and Lagrangian)
  • Combustion and Radiation
  • Chemical Engineering Applications and Reactive Flows
The last day will offer a “consultancy clinic” during which students could be helped in defining and possibly formulating their problem with the CFD codes available at Nottingham. This will conclude the course weeks and prepare the students to their future, independent work.
Event record first posted on February 11, 2005, last modified on February 12, 2005

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