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NAFEMS Awareness Seminar - Why to Use Simulation in your Development Process
Simulation, typically by finite element analysis (FEA) or computational fluid dynamics (CFD), is well established in a number of engineering companies for product and process development. Tasks such as optimising products and manufacturing processes by simulation are now well proven. This FREE event will bring together a wide range of engineers who are either currently using FEA or CFD, or who are considering introducing it into their organisation.
Date: February 18, 2005
Location: Madrid, Spain
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: NAFEMS Iberia
Type of Event: Seminar, National

The independent nature of this event provides a unique opportunity to learn about the practical experiences of typical users from various companies - large, medium and small.

A wide range of acknowledged experts will share the benefits of their experience with the delegates. The presentations will describe both the computational aspects and the issue of results interpretation that confront today’s engineers.

Practical case studies from the automotive industry will be used to illustrate how the latest techniques can be applied effectively, with emphasis being placed on how to achieve an engineering solution.

The formal proceedings will conclude with a panel discussion session incorporating the presenters, consultants, end users and software vendors. It is anticipated that these discussions will continue over lunch.

Who should attend

This FREE seminar will be of interest to engineers, analysts, designers and managers. Representatives from organisations who either make use of FEA or CFD, or who are looking to develop such a facility, will benefit from attending.

As well as hearing the various presentations, attendees at the seminar will have an opportunity to meet other users from a range of industries and exchange ideas and best practice about the use of simulation.

If you are involved with the use of simulation, you should attend.

NAFEMS Activities

NAFEMS is the International Association for the Engineering Analysis Community: an independent, not-for-profit association. The scope of its activities encompasses all simulation technology, including Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

In line with its objectives, NAFEMS is continually seeking to create awareness of new analysis methodologies, deliver education and training, stimulate the adoption of best practices and promote the effective use of technology by offering a platform for continuous professional development.

NAFEMS and its members are involved in the application of many different types of engineering simulation covering both products and processes. Membership exceeds 700 organisations in over 30 different countries.


The activities of NAFEMS are organised by a number of local steering groups. A new Steering Group – NAFEMS Iberia – was formed during 2004, to act as the focal point for users of simulation technology in Spain and Portugal.

The objectives of the group are to:

  • Increase the use and exploitation of engineering simulation in Spain and Portugal
  • Create awareness of new simulation technologies in Spain and Portugal
  • Promote effective and reliable use of engineering simulation techniques
  • Provide opportunities for the exchange of information and experience

This event is the first event organised by the group. Attendance at this first event is FREE for anyone with an interest in the subject matter.

For further information about the NAFEMS and its activities in Spain and Portugal, please visit


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