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Adaptive Grid Methodologies for Environmental Modelling
A one-day event on Adaptive Grid Methodologies for Environmental Modelling for large-scale atmosphere/ocean applications
Date: December 16, 2004
Location: Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Web Page:
Application Areas: Geophysical, Environmental
Special Fields: Adaptivity
Type of Event: Workshop, International

The aims of the workshop are:
  1. to explore the capabilities of adaptive grid techniques in environmental science (and in particular large-scale atmosphere/ocean problems);
  2. to review adaptive grid methodologies in other disciplines and to consider the extent to which they can be used in environmental science;
  3. to discuss possible strategies for the development of new numerical cores in global and regional environmental modelling.
Presentations by:

David Bacon (SAIC), Jörn Behrens (TUM), John Bell (LBNL), Bill Henshaw (LLNL), Michael Herzog (Michigan), Matthew Piggot (Imperial), Nikos Nikiforakis (DAMTP, Cambridge), Bill Skamarock (NCAR), Piotr K. Smolarkiewicz (NCAR), Hilary Spenser (CGAM, Reading)

There will also be a Short course on "Adaptive Grid Approaches for Fluid Dynamics Applications" on Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 December 2004

The workshop is sponsored by:

NERC Centres for Atmospheric Science, and The Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Event record first posted on November 23, 2004, last modified on November 24, 2004

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