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Trends and Best Practice at the CAD/CFD Interface
This seminar aims to review the evolving CAD/CFD interface in order to identify basic strategies that are available to users and also to disseminate best practice. The seminar will examine the major trends within the industry. The issue of CAD will be viewed in a broad sense and will encompass a full range of inputs that are in the CFD process.
Date: November 24, 2004
Location: Coventry, United Kingdom
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Organizer: NAFEMS
Special Fields: CAD/CFD Integration
Type of Event: Seminar, International

CAD is an integral component of modern CFD and is the normal starting point for CFD analysis. Traditionally, the generation of CAD had been viewed as a separate upstream task to CFD analysis. However, this boundary has been blurred by the advent of CFD pre-processors that condition CAD prior to meshing, bringing “slimmed-down” CAD into the CFD arena. A more recent trend is for mainstream CAD to offer “slimmed-down” CFD. Thus the CAD/CFD interface is evolving rapidly and users have an array of strategies from which to choose.


  • Review the evolving interface between CAD and CFD

  • Identify industry trends and the alternative strategies that users can employ

  • Disseminate best practice

Programme Topics

  • Examine the input requirements of the CFD process and the role of CAD

  • Examine CAD/CFD interface from the CFD arena

  • CAD as the output of the CFD process – linking CAD to CFD throughout the CFD process.

  • CAD/CFD integration and the emergence of “multi-physics” tools

  • CAD& FEA – Are there any learning points for the CFD community?

Who should Attend

Managers and engineers responsible for maintaining an existing CFD capability, or looking to develop a new CFD process.

This seminar will permit you to keep up to date with developments at the CAD/CFD interface and review the available implementation strategies. This will:

  • Help to ensure that your existing CFD capability is up to date and effective

  • Help to plan the development of your CFD process

  • Help to design the implementation of a new CFD process

  • Help to keep up to date regarding the tools that are available and how best to use them

Attending the seminar will also permit attendees to meet other users from a range of industries and exchange ideas about best practice when dealing with the interaction between CAD and CFD.


10:00 Coffee/ Registration/Exhibition

10:15 Chairman’s Welcome

Jim Shaikh, Intelligent Fluid Solutions, UK

10:30 Working with Production CAD in a Theoretical World

David Minns, Ansys, UK

11:00 The Input Requirements of the CFD Process and the Role of CAD

Erling Ekland, Fluent, France

11:30 CFD in the Design Process: Requirements & Benefits of Upfront CFD

Michael Clapp, Blue Ridge Numerics Ltd, UK

12:00 L U N C H

13:00 The Suitability of CAD Data for Engineering Analysis

Andy Chinn, TranscenData, UK

13:30 (Not) Lost in Translation – The CD-Adapco Approach to CAD-Integration

Stephen Ferguson, CD Adapco, UK

14:00 Better, Faster, More: CFD/CAD in Automotive Aerodynamics

Geoff Le Good, G L Aerodynamics Ltd UK

14:30 COFFEE

14:45 Optimisation Through Integration: CFD/CAD in the Built Environment

Iain Bowman, Mott MacDonald, UK

15:15 A CAD and Meshing-free Methodology for Rapid Design Assessments

Robert Lewis, Advantage CFD Ltd., UK

15:45 Discussion & Close of Seminar

Event record first posted on October 28, 2004, last modified on October 28, 2004

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