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Virtual Geoscience Workbench (VGW) Modelling Workshop
We simulate particulate systems working closely with fluids applications. The workshop aims to show potential users the range of discontinuous systems that can now be modelled with VGW and how scientists and engineers with modest or more extensive computer modelling experience may find VGW of interest for their future research. VGW is an Open Source project that will be attractive to both users and developers. It has been launched on a server, managed through
Date: March 30, 2009
Location: Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London, London SW7 2AZ, London, United Kingdom
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Application Areas: Geophysical
Special Fields: Flows with Particles
Deadlines: March 6, 2009 (registration)
Type of Event: Workshop, International

The Virtual Geoscience Workbench for discontinuous systems, 
i.e. particulate, granular, blocky, fracturing and 
fragmenting systems, is a computer software environment for 

VGW is a collaborative 5-year project funded by EPSRC and 
is under development on two sites, Imperial College London 
(PI: Dr J-P. Latham) and Queen Mary,  University of London 
(PI: Prof A Munjiza, see also Virtual Experimentation Lab). 
We take the view that a single general-purpose discrete 
element program is unlikely to be robust for handling all 
particulate systems and we have made the combined Finite-
Discrete Element Method (FEMDEM) pioneered by Munjiza in 
the 1990s the core of our solids technology. FEMDEM is 
especially well suited to irregular geometry with deforming 
and fracturing behaviour. 

A considerable effort within the VGW research programme on 
the IC site has been directed towards coupling the solids 
modelling part with a generic adaptive unstructured meshing 
cfd code  "Fluidity" developed within our department's AMCG 
research group, see AMCG Wiki, thus opening the door to 
important multi-physics applications. See for example our 
work in Coastal Structures.
Event record first posted on January 30, 2009, last modified on February 17, 2009

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