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Unsteady Combustion: Transport Penomena, Chemical Reactions, Technical Systems
International workshop on unsteady combustion. Presentation of results from Collaborative Research Center 606 (SFB 606). Recognized international experts as invited speakers. Subtopics are unsteady kinetics, ignition of hydrocarbons pollutants, mixture formation, flame propagation, combustion instabilites, combustion in DI engines
Date: July 8, 2004 - July 9, 2004
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: SFB 606
Special Fields: Reactive Flows
Deadlines: June 30, 2004 (registration)
Type of Event: Workshop, International

The Collaborative Research Center (Sonderfor-schungsbereich) “Unsteady Combustion: Transport-phenomena, Chemical Reactions, Technical Systems” has been established since 1.1.2002 by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. The CRC is an installation of the University Karlsruhe combining research groups from the faculties of Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry and Biosciences and Civil Engineering of the University of Karlsruhe. Adjoined to the CRC are also research groups from the University of Stuttgart, the DLR Stuttgart and the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe. Research topics of the CRC are all phenomena linked to unsteady and transcient combustion such as
  • Chemical reactions and transport phenomena in highly transient temperature and pressure fields,
  • Coupling of turbulence and chemical reactions in ignition and transient combustion,
  • Interactions of chemical reactions, mass and heat transfer in transient multi-phase flows
  • Combustion driven instabilities,
  • Combustion in direct injection engines and gas turbines, and
  • Modelling and numerical simulation of the above listed processes.
As non-stationary phenomena are often the cause of essential technical problems in combustion devices, the short-term vision of the CRC is the understanding of non-stationary phenomena in technical combustion so that advanced combustion concepts can be brought on the road of technical success. The long-term vision is the development of a basic understanding of com-bustion, chemical reactions, mass and heat transfer and their coupling in non-stationary velocity, tem-perature and pressure fields in single- or multiphase flows.
Event record first posted on June 14, 2004, last modified on June 17, 2004

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