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ANSYS Advanced CFD Technologies featuring ANSYS ICEM CFD and CFX
Date: April 22, 2004
Location: HP Sacramento Education Center, Roseville, CA, United States
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Organizer: ANSYS, Inc. and Ozen Engineering, Inc.
Softwares: CFX, ICEM CFD
Type of Event: Seminar, Local

CFD simulations are often hampered by inefficiencies such as:
  • Lack of convergence for complex problems
  • Long solution times required for realistic results
  • Bottlenecks in going from CAD to mesh
  • Cleaning up geometry to get a good mesh
  • Re-meshing every time a CAD model is modified
  • Poor integration between CFD and FEA tools, making
  • fluid-solid interaction problems difficult to solve
Using a combination of real-world customer examples and live demonstrations, our experts will discuss how ICEM CFD and CFX can shorten product design times and improve product development processes. In the morning session, you’ll learn how ICEM CFD improves grid generation via:
  • Powerful and highly automated tools for creating grids, including unstructured (all tet), hybrid (tet-hex-pyramid, tet-prism), multi-block structured (hex), Cartesian, and unstructured hexahedral
  • Tight links with the parametric geometry creation tools in major CAD packages
  • Direct CAD interfaces that eliminate the need to use neutral geometry formats such as IGES, STEP or STL, and dramatically shorten the analysis cycle for parametric design iterations
The afternoon session will inform you how the advanced solver technology in CFX provides quick and accurate results for complex, real-world problems through: A single solver for all applications
  • Coupled multigrid solver
  • Robust turbulence models
  • Accurate modeling and simulation of combustion and
  • multiphase flows
  • Superior scalability resulting from parallel solver technology
Event record first posted on March 29, 2004, last modified on March 30, 2004

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