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The 4th Symposium on Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
The 4th Symposium on Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer is a part of the International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics 2009 (ICNAAM 2009). Topics to be covered during ICNAAM2009 include all the research areas of Numerical Analysis and Computational Mathematics and all the research areas of Applied and Industrial Mathematics.
Date: September 18, 2009 - September 22, 2009
Location: Hotel Aquila Rithymna Beach, Rethymno, Greece
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: Dr Pawel Kosinski (The University of Bergen, Norway)
Deadlines: June 15, 2009 (abstract), July 29, 2009 (registration)
Type of Event: Conference, International

Understanding fluid dynamics has been one of the major
advances of mathematics, physics and engineering. Single-
and multiphase flow technology is increasingly important in
the energy and manufacturing industries. Heat transfer is of
particular interest to engineers, who attempt to understand
and control the flow of heat through the use of heat
exchangers or thermal insulation, and other devices.
Pollution control, pneumatic transport, combustion,
development of new materials, engine design, as well as many
other engineering applications will benefit from the
fundamental engineering design application and research in
the field. The objective of the symposium is to bring
together scientists working on numerical and also
experimental issues.

All the papers presented during the conference will be
published in the form of extended abstracts (4 pages) in the
AIP (American Institute of Physics) Conference Proceedings.
This journal is listed, among others, in ISI Conference
Proceedings database.

After the conference chosen papers will be published in a
special issue of the Applied Mathematics and Computation
journal (ISI Web of Science). Invited authors will be
suggested to prepare a full-length versions of their
manuscripts and submit them before the end of 2009. These
papers will be peer-reviewed before publication.

Important dates: 

June 15, 2009 - submission of extended abstracts (4 pages)
to be published in AIP Conference Proceedings. The
manuscripts will be reviewed.

Note: only the papers whose authors have paid the
registration fees will be included in the AIP Conference

See the symposium website for details.
Event record first posted on December 13, 2008, last modified on May 31, 2009

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