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Diploma in Advanced CFD Analysis - DACFD
India is identified as one of the world's fastest emerging CFD market with growth rate more than 20%. Many MNC's have well established CFD design centre in India, and many more have started to establish there CFD design centre, but the CFD industry is lacking quality man power. DACFD is a unique professional course which bridges the gap between YOU and CFD industry.
Date: August 18, 2008 - January 31, 2008
Location: Flat No.6, Bharati Apartment, 26/1, Wakedewadi, Shivajinagar,, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: Centre for Computational Technologies(CCTech)
Application Areas: Turbomachinery, HVAC&R, Electronics Cooling, Automotive, Process Industry, Aerospace, General CFD
Special Fields: Turbulence Modeling, Turbulence - LES Methods, Heat Transfer, Combustion, Finite Volume Methods, Grid Generation, Multiphase Flows, Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechancis
Softwares: FLUENT, CFX, GAMBIT, ICEM CFD , CFDExpert Zeus Numerix, FINE/Hexa, TGrid
Deadlines: August 10, 2008 (registration)
Type of Event: Program, International

 Computational Fluid Dynamics needs through understanding of
fluid flow and heat transfer. Understanding of fundamentals
plays a crucial role in problem definition and
interpretation of results. Initial few months will be
devoted to lay the foundation stone. Once the fundamentals
are firm, advance topics will be covered along with training
on commercial softwares. The course is structured to cater
to industrial requirements. The course syllabus is
formulated by considering industrial requirements and inputs
from various working professionals and IIT faculty.


Program Structure


      The curriculum is distributed in five levels, viz.
foundation, core, advanced topics, industry specific
training and product specific training.  

      The training program consists of a number of
conventional lectures which includes fundamental, core and
advanced topics. This includes industry specific modules to
give hands-on experience to students on specific industry
problems. This also includes product specific modules so
that the students will get experience on widely used
software packages in industry. To bridge the gap between
theory and practice, students will undertake a project at
the end of the course.



      Linux Operating Systems 

The Basics of Linux OS, Frequently used Linux commands, File
system, Network services, Basic shell scripting, Compiling
source codes in Linux environment, Using different software
in Linux environment



      C Programming 

Introductory concepts, Data types, Writing simple C
programs, Operators and expressions, Data inputs and output,
Control flow, Functions and program structure, Pointers and
arrays, Structures




Vector calculus, Vector algebra, Linear and non-linear
equations, Ordinary differential equations, Partial
differential equations, Numerical methods for solving PDE's



      Fluid Dynamics 

Concept of continuum, streamline, streakline and pathlines,
Pressure distribution in fluids, Reynolds transport theorem,
Integral form of conservation equations, Differential form
of conservation equations, Viscous and inviscid flows,
Laminar and turbulent flows, Euler and Navier Stokes
equations, External and internal flows, Compressible and
incompressible flow, Properties of supersonic and subsonic
flows, Flow characteristics over various bodies,
Non-dimensional analysis



      Geometric Modeling 

Geometric transformations, File formats and translators,
Parametric representation of curves and surfaces,
Fundamentals of CAGD, Concept of topology, Surface modeling,
Faceted models, Solid modeling



      CAD Repair for Meshing 

Creation of water tight geometry, Faceted Boolean
operations, Dependent and independent CAD errors, Healing
the geometry using surface knitting, Surface projection 



      Structured Grid Generation 

Linear interpolations, Transfinite interpolations, Laplace
grid generation, Poison grid generation, Quadtree and Octree
based methods, Map and submap, Sweeping, Surface grid
generation, Mono block, multi block, hierarchical multi
block, Moving and sliding multiblock, Grid clustering and
grid enhancement, CGNS multi block format and structure



      Unstructured Grid Generation 

Basic theory of unstructured grid generation, advancing
front, Delaunay triangulation and various point insertion
methods, Unstructured quad and hex generation, grid based
methods, Concept of medial axis and medial surface, various
elements in unstructured grids, Surface mesh generation,
Surface mesh repair, Volume grid generation, Volume mesh
improvement, mesh smoothing algorithms, grid clustering and
quality checks for volume mesh



      Adaptive, Moving and Hybrid Grids 

Need for adaptive and, moving grids, Tet, pyramid, prism,
and hex grids, using various elements in combination,
Meshing complex geometry, and Application and example 



      Introduction to CFD 

Philosophy of CFD, Governing equations of fluid dynamics and
there physical meaning, Mathematical behavior of governing
equations and the impact on CFD simulations, Simple CFD
techniques and CFL condition, Numerical solutions of
Quasi-One-Dimensional nozzle flow and comparing the results
with CFD results



      Numerical Methods in CFD 

Finite Difference, Finite Volume, and Finite Element, Upwind
and downwind schemes, Simple and Simpler schemes, Higher
order methods, Implicit and explicit methods, Study and
transient solutions 



      Numerical Methods in Heat Transfer 

1D heat conduction, 1D conduction-convection, 2D convection
on simple and complex domains, TSE method,  IOCV method,
Accuracy, consistency, stability and convergence, Boundary



      Turbulence Modeling 

Introduction and background, Algebraic models, One equation
models, Two equation models, Near wall treatment, Reynolds
stress models, Eddy viscosity models (EVM), Nonlinear eddy
viscosity models, LES, RANS, and, hybrids, Direct numerical
simulation (DNS)



      Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) 

Introduction to CHT, Fluid boundary conditions, CHT solid
boundary conditions, CHT interface conditions, many to one
CHT interface conditions, linear solver



      Combustion Modeling 

Introduction to combustion modeling, Flamelet models,
Laminar flamelet model for non premixed combustion, Laminar
flamelet model for premixed combustion, Laminar flamelet
model for partially premixed combustion, Laminar 1D model
flames, Multi step eddy dissipation model, Discrete phase
models, Radiation models, Pollutant models, Combustion
modeling case studies, Combustion modeling strategies



      Multiphase Modeling 

Fundamentals of multiphase flows, Eulerian-Lagrangian (ELAG)
approach, Eulerian-Eulerian (E2P) approach, Volume Of
Fraction (VOF) approach, Solving example problems



      Chemical Fluid Mixing Simulation 

Stirred tank modeling using the actual impeller geometry,
Rotating frame model, The MRF Model Sliding mesh model,
Snapshot model, Evaluating Mixing from Flow Field Results,
Industrial Examples



      Turbo machinery 

Introduction to turbo machinery terminology, Quasi-Steady
Rotor-Stator Interaction, CFD study of rotor-stator
interactions, CFD simulation of turbo machinery components,
Industrial Examples



      Parallel and Distributed Computing 

Introduction to the basic terminologies, Types of parallel
computers, measuring parallel performance, Solving sample
problems using parallel or distributing computing



      Aerospace Simulation 

Introduction to various terminologies in aerodynamics,
Computations of Cd, Cl, for 2D aerofoil, Flow simulation on
aerofoil at various angles of attack, Supersonic and
subsonic flow simulations, Lift, drag prediction on aero
plane, rockets and missiles, solving example problems



      Automobile Simulation 

Introduction to various terminologies in automobile
simulations, CFD analysis on Ahmed body, Transient and
steady state analysis, Under hood analysis, External flow,
HVAC of car for passenger comfort



      Post-Processing of CFD results 

BPMesh plotsBP, contour plots, vector plots, and scatter
plots, Shaded and transparent surfaces, Particle
trajectories and path line trajectories, Animations and
movies, Exploration and analysis of data, Data management



      Geometric modeling packages 




      Commercial pre-processing packages 

ICEM CFD, Gambit, TGrid, GridZ, IGG, AutoGrid, HEXPRESS



      Commercial solver and post-processing packages 

Fluent, CFX, CFDTutor and CFD Expert, FINE/Turbo



      Validation of CFD results 

Building confidence in CFD results, accuracy of CFD results,
validate CFD results, improving the accuracy of CFD results,
validating CFD results for complex problems



      CFD Project Management 

CFD project planning, Defining objectives, Resource
management, Geometry building, Grid generation, Using proper
models, Boundary conditions, Post-processing, Validation of
Event record first posted on July 10, 2008, last modified on July 12, 2008

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