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Webinar 2023_03: Valve Modeling using Simerics
This webinar will cover: Automated mesh creation in Simerics, Strength of templates to guide process flow of model setup, Rapid simulation and run times of valve cases.
Date: July 5, 2023
Contact Email:;
Organizer: Simerics Inc.
Application Areas: Hydraulics
Special Fields: CAD/CFD Integration
Softwares: Simerics-MP+
Type of Event: Online Event, International

Valves find a key role in regulating pressures and flows in 
several different applications across industries. But, 3D 
CFD modeling of the motion of valves in conjunction with the 
other components of the system poses multitude of numerical 
challenges. Simerics-MP+® 3D CFD tool has gained popularity 
in the industry due to its ability to model pumps and valves 
with accuracy, speed and robustness. The Fluid Structure 
Interaction (FSI) capability in Simerics-MP+® can model 
spool, circumferential, flip, ball valves with customized 
automated meshes with templates that can handle the setup 
process with ease. Also, the native STIFF solver can handle 
the sophisticated FSI interaction with flow with robustness 
and stability even at coarse timesteps. This ability has 
enabled customers to run system simulations for rather long 
physical times with reasonable turnaround time for the 
We are pleased to announce this chapter of the webinar where 
we will delve into some of these
uniqueness of Simerics-MP+ valve capabilities.

This webinar will cover:
1.Automated mesh creation in Simerics,
2.Strength of templates to guide process flow of model 
3.Rapid simulation and run times of valve cases, and
4.Information on industrial applications on which we have 
implemented the Simerics valve code with great success.
Event record first posted on June 15, 2023, last modified on June 23, 2023

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