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One month online CAD-CFD-FEM training program
Industry need engineers with skills who can develop CFD/FEM models and analyze the product that are light weight and functionally efficient. However, the outdated academic curriculum doesn't provide sufficient training on today’s increasingly complex and multidisciplinary product design processes. For the first, this course brings design, CFD, FEM and paper writing in the same platform. This training program is much more than education
Date: June 1, 2022 - June 28, 2022
Contact Email:
Organizer: IIT
Application Areas: Turbomachinery, Automotive, Aerospace, General CFD, Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Special Fields: Turbulence Modeling, Heat Transfer, Finite Element Methods, Finite Volume Methods, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Multiphase Flows, Optimization, Fluid Mechancis, CAD/CFD Integration, Design, Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics
Softwares: ANSYS Workbench Environment
Deadlines: April 15, 2022 (registration)
Type of Event: Online Event, International


This 4 week rigorous skill building program has 4 important component:

First week	

    Introduction to CFD and FEM, Product Design.
    Generation of CAD geometry: 2D and 3D geometries from scratch, handling complex geometries, extracting internal and external fluid volumes etc.
    Mesh generation techniques: 2D and 3D mesh for CFD and FEM, surface and volume meshing, boudary layer mesh, mesh quality etc.
    Expected outcome: Gain expertise in generating any type of CAD geometries and building high quality mesh.

Second week

    Introduction of CFD, differential equations, Finite volume method, Various schemes (upwind, implicit etc), Turbulent flow etc.
    Developing 2D and 3D CFD models, Conjugate heat transfer, multi-phase flow, VOF, Melting and solidification of PCM, Particle modeling etc.
    Expected outcome: Gain expertise in generating high-fidelity CFD models, post-processing and analyzing the results.

Third week

    Finite Element Analysis: Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Material, Design Standards Governing equations, Weighted Residue Approaches: Galerkin, Least square, Collocation method, Rayleigh-Rirtz etc., various boundary conditions.
    Structural analysis, Transient thermal analysis, Non-linear analysis, Contact modeling, Fatigue analysis, Modal analysis, Coupled analysis etc.
    Expected outcome: Gain expertise in developing designs and FEM models with suitable boundary conditions, post-processing and analyzing the results, understanding the connection between CFD and FEM in product design processes.

Fourth Week

    How to model multi-disciplinary problem involving both CFD and FEM, 2-way Fluid-structure interaction etc.
    Processing techniques for 2D digital images for generating 3D spatial data that can be used to develop CFD/FEM model for reverse engineering or to be used in GIS applications, cultural heritage documentation etc.
    Technical paper writing: How to generate quality figures, Making the script, Methods for effective writing etc.

    Publication: Selected participants will be provided guidance in project execution, writing and publication in reputed SCOPUS or SCI journal even after the course of over.

Event record first posted on December 11, 2021, last modified on December 17, 2021

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