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Best Practice in Transformer Design for Reliability
Learn how to leverage virtual prototyping as the best practice for designing reliable transformers.
Date: September 27, 2018
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Organizer: Mentor - A Siemens Business
Application Areas: Electromagnetism and Radars
Type of Event: Online Event, International

Best Practice in Transformer Design for Reliability
27th September 2018, 11 am UK Time and 10 am PST
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A transformer’s hotspot temperature, limits its overload capability and service life, therefore, it is an important consideration in the design of transformers. Not only does it affect their size and profile, but also the risks associated with failure.

The main challenge in the virtual mapping of hotspots is the simulation time overhead. Hence, it is difficult to explore designs and make timely decisions in product development.

How can we leverage fast ‘digital twins’ without sacrificing accuracy in the identification of transformer hotspots? Attend this web seminar to get some top tips!

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Event record first posted on September 12, 2018, last modified on September 22, 2018

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