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OpenFOAM Advanced Training - Houston, TX
This course covers advanced topics on the open source CFD toolbox, OpenFOAM. It is designed to enable the participants to use OpenFOAM effectively on real engineering problems and develop the toolbox to suit their needs. It covers the general use and programming of OpenFOAM, building on topics presented earlier in the Foundation Course.
Date: September 20, 2017 - September 21, 2017
Location: 11490 Westheimer Road, Suite 600, Houston, Texas, United States
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: Linda Weber
Softwares: OpenFOAM
Deadlines: August 31, 2017 (registration)
Type of Event: Course, Local

  Topics Covered:
•	Advanced meshing in OpenFOAM with snappyHexMesh
•	Assessing mesh quality
•	Setting boundary regions and conditions
•	Selecting discretization schemes
•	Control of linear solvers and algorithms
•	On-the-fly post-processing
•	External aerodynamics
•	Interface-capturing
•	Large-eddy simulation for turbulence
•	Dynamic meshes
•	Rotating frames
•	Heat transfer
•	Combustion
•	Useful Linux tools for OpenFOAM
•	Boundary condition implementation in OpenFOAM
•	Template classes in C++
•	Modeling integration in OpenFOAM solvers
•	Programming new transport and turbulence models
•	Virtual functions in C++
•	Programming function objects for post-processing
•	Programming a pre-processing utility
Event record first posted on August 9, 2017, last modified on August 19, 2017

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