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Axial and Radial Turbine Design
This course will provide both design and application engineers with a deep understanding of turbine performance.
Date: April 29, 2002 - May 3, 2002
Location: Concepts NREC, Wilder, Vermont, United States
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Organizer: Concepts NREC
Application Areas: Turbomachinery
Type of Event: Course, International

Axial and Radial Turbine Design

This course will provide both design and application engineers with a deep understanding of turbine performance. Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on the basic flow physics as reflected in both axial and radial turbine performance. Techniques by which a design can be optimized for new applications are emphasized, and the complete process for producing new designs or developing new components for existing machines is described, from the beginning to the final detailed design. Throughout the course, the effective use of modern computer systems, CFD, and FEA stress analysis codes is emphasized.

Lectures will cover the characteristics, design, and performance of axial, mixed, and radial flow turbines. Ancillary components such as exhaust diffusers are also discussed. A section of the course is devoted to turbine life, the factors which limit life, and the techniques to estimate it. Turbine testing techniques are also discussed.

What You Will Learn
  • Develop an understanding of design and operational principles of all types of turbines.
  • Understand how turbine designs may be optimized within given constraints, and the role of experimental turbine stage testing in this process.
  • Become aware of the design features and operational factors which limit turbine life, and how that life may be estimated.
Course Outline

The Foundations of Turbine Design

Axial Turbines

  • Fundamentals of turbine design
  • Aerodynamic losses in turbines
  • Preliminary turbine design
  • Through flow design
  • Turbine airfoil design
  • Advanced turbine design

Turbine Cooling and Durability

  • Introduction to durability
  • Turbine blade design challenges
  • Materials, coatings, and mechanical design considerations
  • Turbine blade heat transfer
  • Distress modes
  • Advanced turbine blade design

Radial and Mixed Flow Turbines

  • Basic analysis of a stage
  • Rotor flow processes
  • Rotor loss modeling
  • The volute
  • The nozzle
  • Variable geometry stators
  • Design of radial turbines

Turbine Life

  • Stress calculation and life criteria
  • Axial turbomachinery bladed disk vibration
  • Axial turbomachinery rotor dynamics

Development Procedures

  • Exhaust energy recovery
  • Turbine design optimization
  • Axial and radial turbine testing
Who Should Attend
  • Engineers in the turbine industries, including gas turbine, steam turbine, turbocharger, air motors, process, and cryogenic expanders. This course is an excellent introduction and briefing for engineers new to this field, while established engineers will gain fresh insights and be introduced to the latest ideas.
  • Managers and sales personnel in these fields will gain insight into turbine technology. Turbine maintenance and field service engineers and users will better appreciate the problems of turbine performance and operation.

Dr. Hany Moustapha
Manager, Turbine Component Center at Pratt and Whitney Canada, and Adjunct Professor at Carleton, Concordia and McGill Universities. He has been responsible for many axial turbine development programs, and has published a number of papers on the subject. He is a fellow of the ASME.

Mr. Mark F. Zelesky
Chief of Turbine Airfoil Durability for Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, and Manager of the Commercial & Industrial Durability Design Group. He has designed turbine blades and vanes that are currently in use on the Boeing 777, F16, F15, F22, and numerous ATEGG engines. Mr. Zelesky has two patents in the gas turbine field dealing with turbine blade cooling and trailing edge cooling. He received his BS in Engineering (Mechanical) from the University of Central Florida in 1983.

Dr. Nicholas C. Baines
Director, Education and Publication Services, Concepts NREC. He has 25 years of experience in the turbomachinery industry and as an academic, teaching thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, and researching radial turbine technology. He is the author of many papers and three books on turbomachinery.

Dr. David Japikse
Owner/CEO and Chairman of the Concepts NREC Board of Directors. He has 28 years of experience in design, development, consulting, and teaching in the turbomachinery industry. He has published extensively and teaches regularly to engineers. In 1992 he was awarded the James Harry Potter Gold Medal by ASME for "...innovative, pioneering contributions in the field of thermodynamics as applied to turbomachinery design..." He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and a fellow of the ASME.

Mr. Daniel V. Hinch
Before joining Concepts NREC in 1995, Dan Hinch worked at AlliedSignal Engines on the design and development of gas turbine engines including several IHPTET programs. His present responsibilities include project management of consortium programs and the design of turbines for a variety of industrial clients and government contracts.

Mr. Michael Platt
Mr. Platt is a specialist in structural and vibration, analysis and rotor dynamic instabilities at Concepts NREC. He previously worked at Textron Lycoming on shock, vibration and related test programs. At Concepts NREC his responsibilities include the development of structural, modal, and rotordynamic analysis features for the company's turbine design systems. He is also involved in industrial and government projects in these areas.

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