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EuroPAM 2008
The 17th annual conference and exhibition on Simulation-Based Design. Designed for our users, EuroPAM 2008 will bring together ESI Group experts presenting new product features, experienced users sharing their expertise and partners helping our users gain in productivity and performance. The event is tailored to meet needs of experts, senior practitioners and decision-makers as well as a wider range of professional public.
Date: May 29, 2008 - May 30, 2008
Location: Congress Centre DIPLOMAT, Prague, Czech Republic
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Application Areas: Automotive, Aerospace, Semiconductor Processing, Plasma Physics, General CFD, Fuel Cells, Electromagnetism and Radars
Softwares: CFD-ACE+, CFD++, CFD-FASTRAN, Cadalyzer
Type of Event: User Conference, International

Taking part in EuroPAM 2008 will guarantee that you and
hundreds of other attendees will return to your desks after
the conference armed with a mass of compelling benefits
which will help you do your job even better, starting
immediately upon your return from EuroPAM 2008.

Why should you attend EuroPAM 2008?

High-level presentations by respected industry specialists
will show you how the Virtual Try-Out Space will help you
design better quality products, because

    * It enables you to easily test all reasonable design
alternatives and choose the ones that will deliver the best
    * It helps you design products, which will behave better
in their operational environment because you will have
tested that, too!
    * It gives you the full means to better understand the
"physics behind the screen" and make better design 

You will see how the Virtual Try-Out Space will contribute
in reducing your time-to-market.

    * Working in the Virtual Try-Out Space will
progressively lead you to reduce the number of Physical
Prototypes that support your design projects and which are
so heavy on lead times.

    * Living with the Virtual Try-Out Space will help you
make quicker still better design decisions, yet giving you
all relevant info and material to support your choices.

    * Including the Virtual Try-Out Space in your strategy
will enable you to test multiple projects variants earlier
in the design cycle, reducing the efforts invested in "dead
ends" alternatives and helping your product to land earlier
on its market. Through listening to experienced users and
talking to them during breaks, you will discover that whilst
improving the quality of your Products and reducing your
lead times, the Virtual Try-Out Space will also dramatically
reduce your costs, because:

Alternative design options lead to different costs
perspectives: to make the best choice you must be able to
test each one of them.

    * Producing physical prototypes has high costs that
can't compete with Virtual ones.
    * Virtual means accuracy, which results in building the
right products at the right costs.
    * Reducing lead times means reduced projects costs.
    * Visiting the Exhibition during the conference coffee
breaks will better show you the best and most up to date
products that the IT industry has produced to support your
usage of the Virtual Try-Out Space with impressive
price/quality ratios.




Event record first posted on May 20, 2008, last modified on May 25, 2008

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