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Live Webinar: FLOW-3D Cast v4.2
Combining an intuitive, progressive user interface, FLOW-3D Cast guides users to successful project setup with the powerful FLOW-3D solver, delivering accurate predictions of filling and solidification-related defects. Please join us for a webinar on July 19 that will present the new models, features and design workflows of FLOW-3D Cast v4.2.
Date: July 19, 2016
Contact Email:
Organizer: Flow Science
Application Areas: Casting, Molding and Metal Processing
Softwares: FLOW-3D Cast
Type of Event: Online Event, International

With FLOW-3D Cast v4.2, the design philosophy of "What You
See Is What You Need" is front and center. Flat panels have
been incorporated that are efficient and easily navigable
with the most important information displayed at the top
level. This new design is available for meshing, boundary
conditions, initial conditions, baffles, metal inputs, and
more. Setting up heat transfer is now a breeze with an
intelligent, context-sensitive, flat panel where all parts
that are in contact with each other are detected and shown
so that the user can quickly set up the heat transfer
coefficients between them. New heat transfer coefficient
databases can be easily expanded using your own data. Most
important, in v4.2, the first of process-oriented workflows
is introduced. The user can start a high pressure die
casting workspace where the distinctive sub-processes –
thermal die cycling, filling, solidification, and cooling –
can be modeled. The user interface recognizes each
sub-process simulation and automatically takes care of both
the "required" and well-established "best practice"
settings. The sub-process simulations within the process
workspace are related to each other and the user can easily
explore different design variations. To further enhance the
already unique and powerful thermal die cycling modeling, a
sophisticated die spray cooling model has been developed
that can model individual sprays, their movement, and their
heat transfer. 
Event record first posted on July 12, 2016, last modified on July 12, 2016

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