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14th ERCOFTAC Osborne Reynolds Day, Manchester University
The Osborne Reynolds Oral and Poster PhD competitions offer prestigious awards that celebrate the quality of students and graduates who have been pursuing doctoral‐level research across the broad domain of fluid mechanics including turbulence, multi‐phase, stratified and free‐surface flows, convective transport processes, combustion and acoustics. Entry to both competitions is open to current and recent PhD graduates from a UK university.
Date: July 14, 2016
Location: George Begg Building, Sackville St, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom
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Contact Email:
Organizer: The University of Manchester/ERCOFTAC
Deadlines: April 29, 2016 (abstract)
Type of Event: Other, National

Further Details of Applications Process Entrants should indicate whether they are candidates for the Oral‐Presentation Competition, the Poster Competition, or both – in order of preference (though no entrant will be selected for both competitions).
  • For the Oral Competition, up to seven finalists will present their research at the event, the presentations being judged by a panel of senior researchers. The winner will receive the Osborne Reynolds Prize of £500 with the second‐ and third‐placed finalists receiving £200 and £100 respectively. Three of the finalists will be selected as the UK entrants for the analogous Europe‐wide 2016 ERCOFTAC da Vinci Award to be held later in the year.
  • For the Poster Competition, up to 25 finalists will be chosen who will prepare A0 posters that will be viewed by those attending the event during the buffet‐lunch and refreshment breaks. All attendees (except those presenting posters) will receive stickers with their registration pack to enable them to vote for the best posters. Those presenting the best three posters will each receive £100. Those chosen to present posters must attend the event in person to respond to questions (a proxy display is not accept‐ able)
  • All finalists receive a certificate of participation in Osborne Reynolds Day 2016.
  • It Is expected that most presenters will through their PhD project account or other sources be able to recover their travel costs. Where this is not possible ERCOFTAC‐UK has made a limited fund available to help with these expenses for those whose participation necessitates a round‐trip journey of more than 100 miles. Once the submission has been accepted for inclusion in Osborne Reynolds Day, applications may be made to Dr David Standingford briefly setting out the case for travel support.
Event record first posted on April 26, 2016, last modified on April 30, 2016

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