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TRAINING: Surface Preparation with CONVERGE
This ​course ​offers ​an ​introduction ​to ​surface ​ preparation ​in ​CONVERGE ​ Studio ​v2.3.
Date: May 24, 2016
Location: 6400 Enterprise Lane, Madison, WI, United States
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: Convergent Science
Application Areas: Automotive
Special Fields: CAD/CFD Integration
Softwares: CONVERGE
Type of Event: Course, International

This ​course ​offers ​an ​introduction ​to ​surface ​ preparation ​in ​CONVERGE ​Studio ​v2.3. ​You ​will ​learn ​how ​to ​import ​a ​CAD ​ geometry, ​set ​up ​ boundaries, ​and ​use ​CONVERGE ​Studio’s ​powerful ​repair ​tools ​to ​fix ​ surface ​defects. ​Because ​CONVERGE ​has ​a ​completely ​ automated ​ meshing ​process, ​you ​do ​not ​need ​to ​spend ​any ​time ​preparing ​the ​ volume ​mesh, ​which ​simplifies ​the ​surface ​preparation ​process. ​ ​ ​

During ​this ​course, ​you ​will ​have ​plenty ​of ​time ​ for ​hands-on ​practice ​in ​ CONVERGE ​Studio ​v2.3. ​You ​will ​start ​by ​working ​on ​ simple ​ geometries, ​such ​as ​a ​sphere ​and ​a ​box, ​and ​move ​ to ​more ​complex ​ geometries ​such ​as ​a ​semi-truck ​and ​a ​port ​fuel ​ injected, ​spark ​ignited ​ engine. ​ ​

Upon ​the ​completion ​of ​this ​course, ​you ​will ​know ​ how ​to:
Begin ​a ​new ​project ​in ​CONVERGE ​Studio ​v2.3
Import ​a ​surface ​geometry ​from ​a ​CAD ​program
Create ​boundaries
Manually ​repair ​surface ​defects
Automatically ​repair ​surface ​defects ​using ​CONVERGE ​ Studio’s ​in- house ​advanced ​tools ​(including ​surface ​wrapping ​and ​ surface ​ smoothing) ​
Repair ​larger ​surface ​defects ​using ​advanced ​tools ​ from ​our ​partnered ​ software, ​Polygonica ​(including ​surface ​healing ​and ​ Boolean ​operations) ​


None ​


This ​course ​is ​intended ​for ​new ​users ​to ​CONVERGE ​ and ​CONVERGE ​ Studio ​v2.3. ​This ​course ​can ​also ​be ​used ​as ​a ​ refresher ​for ​ experienced ​or ​occasional ​users ​of ​previous ​versions ​ of ​CONVERGE ​ and ​CONVERGE ​Studio. ​This ​course ​is ​a ​prerequisite ​ for ​all ​other ​ CONVERGE ​training ​courses.
Lunch ​will ​be ​provided ​and ​space ​is ​limited. ​
Event record first posted on February 10, 2016, last modified on February 13, 2016

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