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ERCOFTAC O&G - Modelling & Simulation: Best Practice & Tech Trend - 21-22 April 2016, Kongsberg, Oslo, Norway
Considering current oil prices, that languish between 2 bands, shale gas - upper band, and middle east oil - lower band, the aim of the seminar is to support the digital agenda forward, with a view to operational excellence(safety, efficiency, and profitability). This is where CFD-FEM has even more a huge role to play. The seminar will focus on modelling and simulation advances in: Multiphase Flows, Real-Time Sims, Risk and Safety, Subsea Ops, and Machine Design.
Date: April 20, 2016 - April 21, 2016
Location: Kongsberg OGT, Asker-Oslo, Norway
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Organizer: ERCOFTAC
Type of Event: Seminar, International


This 2016 seminar comes in a period where oil prices have
been on the decline since June 2014, due to several factors,
fromthe impact of Shale gas, economic slump in major
emerging markets, to excess availability of low cost oil out
of the Middle East. The aforementioned, imply the oil price
will remain in a band, governed by an upper limit -Shale
gas, and a lower limit- Middle East oil. Critically, this
price band impacts strongly the producers and subsequently
solution providers, with a particular view to Deepwater
operations, resulting in major delays and push out
development times, for new discoveries. However, when
considering Subsea tiebacks, it should still support an
economically viable position in marginal and mature
fields.Still, the industry as a whole has to navigate from
current conditions.Therefore, our aim, here, is to
technologically navigate practicable advances,in this energy
sector, with a view to sustainable and viable operations.

 Thus, this particular energy sector has to re-think its
approach, if it is to weather the status-quo, and lest we
forget the carbon footprint, and the growing competitive
technology march from renewables. This is where digitisation
of the entire upstream-downstream process can lead to
significant improvement in revenues , cash-flows least of
all operational excellence (safety, efficiency, and
profitability). Critically, CFD-FEM has a huge role and
opportunity to play in that system, thus, further
alleviating CAPEX and OPEX economics, in attaining a
balanced technology portfolio, leading to the rapid
deployment of proven cutting-edge technologies, from R&D to
the operational environment.

Thus, the seminar will focus on topical matters pertaining
to recent advances in modelling and simulation, under a best
practice and technology trend environment: 

Multi-phase Flows, Subsea Operations, Real-Time Simulations,
Risk Analysis and Safety , and Machine Design (tbc).

 In addition, a round table discussion will take place on
the afternoon of 21st, to discuss the delivery of an
ERCOFTAC Bulletin – O&G Theme, Sep 2017.
Event record first posted on February 8, 2016, last modified on February 9, 2016

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