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CFX-5 Live!
A live web-based demonstration of CFX-5.
Date: May 16, 2002
Contact Email:
Organizer: CFX, Chris Reeves
Application Areas: General CFD
Softwares: CFX
Type of Event: Online Event, National

What if you could get a demonstration of CFX software performed by a technical expert right at your desk?

Would you like see what the right CFD software can do for you by watching it in action?

Would you like the presentation to stop when you have a question and the answer demonstrated on the spot by a live, responsive professional?

What if the audio was conducted over a phone line so there is no annoying lag?

Join us for a live web demonstration of CFX-5 in action. For those unfamiliar with CFX-5, this web seminar contains a step by step demonstration of CFX-5 from geometry creation and import, through meshing, to solution and post-processing. Features of CFX-5 to be demonstrated include grid adaption, parallelization set-up and CFX Expression Language.

You will require a web browser with internet connection and a telephone to access this seminar.

This Web Seminar contains mainly information for mechanical engineering and is not available outside of North America.

Event record first posted on April 11, 2002, last modified on April 12, 2002

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