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Largest Scientific Event of Pakistan
Date: January 5, 2009 - January 8, 2009
Location: CESAT, Islamabad, Pakistan
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: CESAT
Deadlines: June 15, 2008 (abstract), November 26, 2008 (registration)
Type of Event: Conference, International

IBCAST is the largest Scientific event of Pakistan. The 
Conference consists of six activities which are: 
1) Computational Fluid Dynamics: 
The 6th IBCAST will provide an opportunity to the local and 
foreign researchers to exchange their ideas, discuss their 
queries and problems in this specific field with the 
experts and to explore the following areas: 
Fluid Structure interactions 
Turbulence Modeling 
Gas Dynamics 
Industrial and Environmental Fluid Dynamics 
2)Control & Simulation 
Control engineering is the science of manipulating 
engineering systems for optimal performance in real-
operating environments. Control engineers are concerned 
with mathematical modeling, simulation, design and 
implementation. Simulation techniques have matured into 
becoming an indispensable part of the engineering design 
process and have helped application of innovative control 
algorithms in industry. 
3) Wireless Communication & Radar 
The field of Wireless Communication & Radars is undergoing 
breathtaking advancements. This has become possible as a 
result of continuous improvements in electronics & RF 
circuits, and faster digital signal processing. The 
replacement of traditional analog circuits with 
configurable digital electronics and software has made the 
concepts of Software Radio and Software Radar practical. 
Topics include: topics that include (but not limited to): 
• Mobile Communication • Radar Systems • Antenna 
Design/Digital Signal Processing of Phased Array Antennas • 
RF Devices & Circuits • Radio & Radar Signal Processing • 
Software Radio 
4) Advanced Materials 
The demands of newer applications of materials have 
expanded the scope of search for novel materials. The major 
fields of research in the man-made advanced materials, in 
general, are alloys, ceramics, and composite materials. 
Although research in alloys and ceramics has played a major 
role in advanced materials development (and are included in 
the scope of activity) but the impetus on the advent of 
composite materials has proved to be enormous and is 
playing a pivotal role in advanced materials applications. 
Thus, the scope of the activity on advanced materials will 
predominantly include the composite materials and their 
peripheral fields. The advancements in the field of Nano-
Technology have further enhanced the scope of composites, 
so Nano-Technology and related areas have been included in 
the scope. 
5) Underwater Acoustics 
The application of UW Acoustics Technology in economic 
activities for search and location of mineral and other 
resources at sub-surface and below sea bed. In order to 
appreciate and contribute to this important field, IBCAST 
has planned a full day activity on this topic. 
6)Medical Science 
In the forthcoming IBCAST conference, speakers from foreign 
countries and Pakistan will share their experiences. 
Following topics will be discussed. 
• Recent advances in the management of burns • Skin culture 
and skin banking • Stem cell culture, use of bone marrow 
stem cells in the treatment of heart diseases • Indigenous 
manufacturing of cardiac stents 

Event record first posted on April 23, 2008, last modified on April 29, 2008

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