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3rd Symposium on Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
The symposium will take place during ICNAAM 2008 (International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics). The aim of ICNAAM 2008 is to bring together leading scientists of the international Numerical and Applied Mathematics community and to attract original research papers of very high quality. ICNAAM is one of the biggest annual events in the field of the numerical analysis involving hundreds of scientist from the whole world.
Date: September 16, 2008 - September 20, 2008
Location: Hotel Kypriotis Village-Kypriotis Panorama, Kos, Greece
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: Dr Pawel Kosinski
Deadlines: July 1, 2008 (abstract)
Type of Event: Conference, International

Understanding fluid dynamics has been one of the major
advances of mathematics, physics and engineering. Single-
and multiphase flow technology is increasingly important in
the energy and manufacturing industries. Heat transfer is of
particular interest to engineers, who attempt to understand
and control the flow of heat through the use of heat
exchangers or thermal insulation, and other devices. 

History: the symposium began in 2006 as 'Mini-symposium on
Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow' during ICNAAM 2006 in
Crete, Greece. Next year it continued as 'Mini-symposium on
Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer' during
ICNAAM 2007 in Corfu. Due to the increasing interest from
both the active participants and the audience, this year it
will follow as The 3rd Symposium on Numerical Analysis of
Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer.

Extended abstracts will be published in AIP (American
Institute of Physics) Conference Proceedings.


Submission of Extended Abstract (3-4 pages): July 1, 2008
Notification of acceptance: July 10, 2008

The conference will be organized on the island of Kos, being
one of the most magnificent Greek islands. Kos is one of the
islands in the Dedocanese, close to among others Rhodes and
Patmos. All the islands are famous due to their history and
the natural beauty. The ferry transport between the islands
is available and popular among tourists. Kos is located only
4 km from the coast of Turkey.
Event record first posted on January 2, 2008, last modified on April 9, 2008

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