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NAFEMS Computational Aeroacoustics Seminar
This is the first one-day NAFEMS Seminar devoted to Computational Aeroacoustics and CAE methods for noise propagation and transmission, where Invited speakers from industry, academia and the leading software providers will give an insight into noise issues and computational tools applied to noise abatement in up-front design.
Date: November 20, 2013
Location: Heritage Motor Centre, Warwickshire, Gaydon, United Kingdom
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Organizer: NAFEMS
Deadlines: November 20, 2013 (registration)
Type of Event: Seminar, National

Many industry sectors are facing increasing pressure from 

customers to reduce flow noise and its transmission to the 

interior environment or propagated externally to by 

passers. CAE is proving to be an increasingly valuable tool 

to help understand the flow noise generation propagation 

and transmission mechanisms. Consequently, engineers are 

able to design against them either by reducing the source 

or minimising it propagation in the 

aerodynamic/hydrodynamic domain and transmission through 


In this seminar, our presenters will cover all the 

principle methods for predicting aeroacoustic noise 

generation mechanisms;tonal and broadband, arising from 

rotating machinery, coherent flow structures and 

turbulence; from stochastic models to fully wall-resolved 

large-eddy simulation (LES).

The traditional methods for computational aeroacoustics 

will be covered, including the use of aeroacoustic 

analogies up to the direct simulation of noise.

Case studies from the automotive, aerospace, marine, power 

generation and many more sectors will illustrate the use of 

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the time domain, and 

also frequency based modelling using Boundary Element 

Methods (BEM), Finite Element Methods (FEM) and Statistical 

Energy Analysis (SEA).

A detailed agenda will be provided in due course.

The programme will follow three main tranches; 

* modelling of the flow noise generation mechanisms, 

* propagation and transmission methodologies, and

* combined studies in aero-vibro acoustics

When registering please indicate which (any or all) of the 

tranches are most relevant to you.
Event record first posted on September 23, 2013, last modified on September 27, 2013

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