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15th ERCOFTAC-SIG15/IAHR Workshop on Refined Turbulence Modelling
Three Test Cases are going to be collaboratively computed. The corresponding presentations by the reference experiment originators and a lecture overviewing _the status and trends in modelling and simulation of turbulent flows_ will be given in addition to the cross-plot presentations. * Case 15.1: Flow and heat transfer in a suddenly expending pipe * Case 15.2: Flow and heat transfer a wall-bounded pin matrix * Case 15.3: Flow in a crossflow-typeT-junction
Date: October 17, 2011 - October 18, 2011
Location: EDF R&D center, Chatou (Paris), France
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Application Areas: General CFD
Special Fields: Turbulence Modeling
Deadlines: September 30, 2011 (abstract), September 30, 2011 (registration)
Type of Event: Workshop, International

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has developed to a key
technology which plays an important role in design,
development and optimization in engineering practice. The
role of the ERCOFTAC SIG15 (Special Interesting Group for
Turbulence Modelling) series of workshops on refined
turbulence modelling is closely connected to intensive
verification and systematic validation of CFD (Computational
Fluid Dynamics) technology for solving the problems of both
fundamental importance and industrial relevance. Focus is on
the credibility and reliability of both the numerical
methods and mathematical models simulating turbulence. In
such a way a large database of simulation results along with
detailed comparison with the reliable reference data
(experimental, DNS and highly-resolved LES databases) has
been assembled. The SIG15 workshops promote the discussion
and conclusions about predictive performance of variety of
statistical turbulence models (in the Reynolds-averaged
Navier-Stokes - RANS - framework), SGS models in the LES
(Large-eddy Simulation)-framework as well as hybrid LES/RANS
models in a broad range of well-documented flow
configurations under the scientists, researchers, users and
developers from industry and from the academic field.

Similar to the fourteen previous ERCOFTAC SIG 15 workshops
in Lyon (1992,1993), Lisbon (1994), Karlsruhe (1995),
Chatou/Paris(1996), Delft (1997), Manchester (1998),
Helsinki (1999), Darmstadt (2001), Poitiers (2002),
Gothenburg (2005), Berlin (2006), Graz (2008) and Roma
(2009), some fundamental phenomena, but also some
industrially relevant problems have been chosen as test
cases for this workshop.

The workshop will be held in Chatou, near Paris, at the R&D
Center of EDF, on October 17-18, 2011. 
Event record first posted on September 15, 2011, last modified on September 17, 2011

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