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es-aero External Aerodynamics Course
External aerodynamics meshing and analysis within STAR-CD.
Date: April 11, 2002 - April 12, 2002
Location: Plymouth, Michigan, United States
Contact Email:
Organizer: CD-adapco Group
Application Areas: Automotive, Aerospace, Maritime, Offshore and Ship Hydrodynamics
Softwares: STAR-CD
Type of Event: Course, International

CD adapco Group will be holding a 2 day interactive course on es-aero External Aerodynamics meshing and analysis within STAR-CD. The class will take place in Plymouth, MI, on April 11th and 12th, 2002. The course is intended for engineers who have a need to perform large scale external aerodynamic CFD analysis for automotive, aeronautical and marine type applications.

The CFD modeling course will cover the topics listed below:

  • CAD/Surface import and preparation
  • Subsurface generation (for inclusion of near wall layers)
  • Wind tunnel custom mesh generation
  • Hexahderal based mesh generation and extrusion
  • Analysis setup, running and post-processing
If you are interested in attending or obtaining more information, please contact Scott Wilensky on 631-549-2300 x208 or email
Event record first posted on April 2, 2002, last modified on April 2, 2002

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