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CFD: An Executive Overview
This is a single day course intended to give an overview into the use of CFD for industrial problems. It starts with a brief introduction to CFD methods and details best practice for completing a good CFD analysis. We focus then on practical necessities such as the range of software tools available for grid generation, CFD simulations and post-processing. Finally, the day finishes with a summary of future directions and trends within the field.
Date: May 23, 2011
Location: Cranfield University, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
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Organizer: Dr Ben Thornber
Softwares: FLUENT
Type of Event: Course, International

Who should attend?

The content is targeted for:

* management level staff who need a concise but not
necessarily highly technical introduction to the technology.
* engineering managers who are considering incorporating CFD
analyses into their design methodology and would like to
appreciate what this entails and what necessary
training/software is required.
* sales and marketing personnel who need to have an
understanding of what CFD is, how it can be used and what
are the potential benefits.


On completion of this course you will have an appreciation
of the overall CFD design process including issues such as
CAD/CFD integration; the role of grid generation; the
choices available for alternative numerical methods; what
turbulent flows are and why they are of such concern; and
what is necessary in order to achieve and demonstrate
accurate CFD simulations. The course will additionally
provide useful information regarding questions to be
considered when selecting CFD packages from alternative
commercial vendors.


The course features lectures on an Introduction to CFD; Best
Practice for CFD Simulations; Resource Requirements for CFD
Analyses; Commercial Grid Generation and CFD Packages;
Future Directions.
Event record first posted on January 31, 2011, last modified on February 3, 2011

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