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CFD: A Comprehensive Introduction
This course has a strong emphasis on the application of CFD with substantial hands-on experience using a number of meshing packages (GAMBIT, POINTWISE and ICEM CFD), a leading commercial CFD package ANSYS FLUENT and the post-processing and data analysis package TECPLOT.
Date: February 14, 2011 - February 18, 2011
Location: Cranfield University, Cranfield, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
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Organizer: Dr Ben Thornber
Softwares: FLUENT, GAMBIT, Tecplot, Pointwise
Type of Event: Course, International

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for:

    * employees within SME's looking to use CFD in future
    * larger businesses wishing to provide convenient and
accessible continuing professional development to staff
working in this field
    * engineers starting to incorporate CFD into their
existing design processes
    * researchers or students who plan to use CFD during
their research project
    * experienced engineers looking for a refresher course
on the basics of CFD and the capabilities of modern
cutting-edge software methods.


On completion of this course you will have an appreciation
of CFD and underlying theory. This includes the effective
use of grid generation software; an understanding of the
difference numerical methods employed in CFD software; the
choice of appropriate CFD methods and turbulence models;
sources of error; and what is required in order to
demonstrate confidence in your CFD results.

The sponsoring organisation will benefit from having an
employee or researcher who is up to date with
state-of-the-art methods in commercial CFD. The delegate
will understand the formal process to follow to produce
accurate, well validated CFD simulations, and will be
capable of completing a CFD simulation of a given geometry
from scratch including mesh generation, model selection,
post-processing of the results and validation. CFD is a
rapidly growing industry and attending this course will put
you in a strong position for to develop future business in
this field.


The course features lectures on Fluid Mechanics; Grid
Generation methods; Numerical Methods; CFD for High Speed
Flows, CFD for Low Speed Flows, Principles of Verification
and Validation; Turbulence Modelling; Post-processing and

Half of the course focuses on hands on experience including
using Gambit, ICEM and Pointwise to generate computational
grids, FLUENT to analyse low and high speed flows, and
TECPLOT to analyse and visualise the results.
Event record first posted on January 31, 2011, last modified on February 3, 2011

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