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OpenFOAM-1.6-ext: A Two-day Introductory Course
This two-day course is delivered by Prof. H. Jasak, one of the main developers of OpenFOAM.
Date: May 4, 2011 - May 5, 2011
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: Gompute
Softwares: OpenFOAM
Type of Event: Course, International

3th and 4th of March 2011
 Chicago (USA)

16th and 17th of March 2011
Mainz (Germany)

4th and 5th of May 2011
Gothenburg (Sweden)

Over the two days, attendees will be introduced to OpenFOAM
as a general-purpose CFD solver for standard fluid flow
applications. This will be followed by an overview of solver
capabilities and an in-depth look into the structure and
organization of Computational Continuum Mechanics library
which is the base of all OpenFOAM solvers. The final session
is dedicated to user extensions of library capability,
including custom material models, user-defined boundary
conditions and custom top-level solvers.

To help with the understanding, basics of the Finite Volume
Method and a short introduction to C++ Programming Language
will also be covered.

Topics to be covered include:

1) OpenFOAM as a CFD solver
Mesh generation, conversion and set-up: importing Fluent and
STAR-CD cases
Material properties, initial and boundary conditions
Running the solver, including massively parallel computations
Data analysis, sampling, graphing and post-processing
Hands-on examples

2) Overview of OpenFOAM library
Basics of C++ programming language (with exercises)
OpenFOAM library organization
Physical modeling capabilities
Top-level solver organization: physics, controls, data analysis
Finite Volume Discretization:theoretical base of OpenFOAM
Example of using OpenFOAM capabilities in a custom solver

3) OpenFOAM in Use
Extending OpenFOAM capabilities
Customized data manipulation
On-the-fly post-processing
Implementing a new boundary condition
Adding a new transport equation
Wmake build system
Hands-on examples
Parallel processing: theoretical basis, data decomposition
and reconstruction, impact on coding
4) Open Forum: Questions and Examples

Courtesy of Wikki Ltd.

Printed course material would be provided. 

For hands-on examples, users can use a laptop with a working
OpenFOAM installation, the attendee should bring his own
laptop. Upon request* and without additional cost attendees
will be provided with a Gompute account and a fund of 100
CPU hours for using OpenFOAM on a large parallel computer.

There are no special requirements on CFD or programming

Price and Registration details
- 1500 USD for Chicago. 
- 1500Eur for Mainz and Gothenburg.
Maximum number of attendees: 10
Lunch, coffee breaks, and dinner  included

More information about these courses may be found at
( Registration may be done by
e-mail to Anne Marie Ohlsson ( or by Phone
on +46 31 18 21 60.
Event record first posted on January 31, 2011, last modified on February 3, 2011

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