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CHEMKIN: Fundamentals and Applications
Learn the basics of CHEMKIN.
Date: April 15, 2002 - April 16, 2002
Location: London, United Kingdom
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: CD-adapco Group
Special Fields: Reactive Flows
Softwares: Chemkin
Type of Event: Course, International

The CHEMKIN Collection of software represents a widely accepted standard for modeling chemical kinetics in a variety of chemical processes, including combustion, catalysis, and chemical conversion, as well as deposition and etching of materials for microelectronics and materials processing. This course will be focused on the fundamentals behind the CHEMKIN software, as well as ways to utilize CHEMKIN applications in achieving better understanding and optimization of chemical processes. The class will cover CHEMKIN and SURFACE CHEMKIN formalisms and implementation for developing and describing chemical mechanisms, as well as example applications to industry-relevant problems. Applications will range from combustion in the context of turbine, engine, and power-generation, to chemical vapor deposition and plasma etching, which is important to microelectronics processes and thin-film technologies. Where possible, the course applications will be tailored to the stated interests of registered participants.
Event record first posted on April 2, 2002, last modified on April 2, 2002

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