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Engine Intake Aerotherman Design: Subsonic to High Speed Application
Aircraft engine intakes are critical components that ensure the proper performance of the engine compression unit.
Date: September 5, 2011 - September 8, 2011
Location: Chaussee de Waterloo, 72, 1640 Rhode-Saint-Genese, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium
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Organizer: von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
Application Areas: Aerospace
Special Fields: Aerodynamics
Type of Event: Course, International

Intake performance must be guaranteed over a wide range of operations. Modern and green engine architectures must cope with high thermal loads in the lubrication system. On-going development programs propose to cool down the oil circuit within the engine intake. Additionally the intake must preserve a low radar cross section. In hypersonic propulsion correct design of the intake is vital to ensure net thrust in the vehicle.

The objective of this lecture series is to provide clear guidelines regarding the design of the intake and integration into the engine and airframe. First the subsonic applications will be addressed.

The particular physics related to supersonic and hypersonic applications will then be studied. An important issue to be discussed is thermal research on intakes, both in subsonic modern engines and in hypersonic vehicles.

Event record first posted on January 25, 2011, last modified on January 30, 2011

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