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The International Symposium on Finite Volumes for Complex Applications 6
The organisers intend to give the opportunity of a large and critical discussion about the various aspects of Finite Volume methods: Mathematical results, numerical techniques, but also validations via industrial applications and comparisons with experimental test results. By critical we mean that the qualities of the methods but also their limits should be shown, as well as new approaches. New ideas are explicitly welcome.
Date: June 6, 2011 - June 10, 2011
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: CTU Prague
Application Areas: General CFD
Special Fields: Finite Volume Methods
Deadlines: April 15, 2011 (registration)
Type of Event: Conference, International

The goal of the symposium is to bring together
mathematicians, physicists and engineers who are concerned
with Finite Volume Techniques in a wide context. Examples
for the broad field of applications are fluid dynamics,
magnetohydrodynamics, structural analysis or nuclear physics.

A closer look reveals many interesting phenomena and
mathematical or numerical difficulties, such as true error
analysis and adaptivity, modeling of multiphase phenomena or
fitting problems, stiff terms in convection/diffusion
equations and sources. To overcome existing problems and to
find solution methods for future applications requires many
efforts and always new developments.

The main issue of the symposium is thus a critical look at
the subject. New ideas may be presented, even if they have
not yet shown full success. The demonstration of limits or
drawbacks of methods is explicitly welcome. Contributions
may put main emphasis on theoretical as well as applied
topics. Most welcome are contributions, concerned with
unsolved or not yet fully solved problems and possible new
Event record first posted on January 5, 2011, last modified on January 8, 2011

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